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Archive This is an archive of past discussions. Its contents should be preserved in their current form. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page.

Talk Pages daren't be empty on my watch

Here I am, saying a thing. I'm not a loner who nobody talks to, my last talk page is just over there -->

Welcome, anyhow. I'm just making sure people feel free to actually say things to me! Gosh it feels bare here. --SgtLion (talk) 04:33, 12 October 2015 (MDT)

Question (Getting Adminship)

Hello i was wondering if you could tell me how to become an admin or moderator. --—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Uh, sure. Check out Requests for Adminship, that describes the process pretty well. When you're a user with a good attitude within the community, a sizeable amount of contributions, and a penchant for being reliable and trustworthy, either somebody will nominate you, or you can nominate yourself as per the above link. Then it goes to a vote, everyone weighs in and it's decided - Should Green Dragon be happy with the result. He's never gone against the vote, but it's a safeguard in case of abuse. --SgtLion (talk) 03:08, 13 October 2015 (MDT)


Have I really only ever given you a "mini barnstar", despite all your hard work?! That's so lazy of me. Must upgrade you.

Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
Mini Barnstar has evolved into Barnstar! In recognition of your continued devotion to maintenance tasks and for your good humour. Marasmusine (talk) 14:23, 13 October 2015 (MDT)
Hah, you think I'm cashing in my mini barnstar when you already handed over a full one? I got 1.5 now, more than I ever deserved! Thanks though~ --SgtLion (talk) 08:22, 14 October 2015 (MDT)


Thank you !

I have been using this wiki for years and find it very useful and desiderata to start kontributing. Atm i am working on adding a spell the the homebrew section and shuld have that done any day now spells name is Xarithiels undead possesion. When I'm done I'd love to get feedback on it!

Thank you for your warm welcome and well met.--—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Malcorath (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

It is too late - I have seen your true message and it is mine! I'll happily give the article a lookover when you're finished. --SgtLion (talk) 08:22, 14 October 2015 (MDT)


Hi there, I was wondering why my variant Tiefling isn't on the home-brew race list either under unfinished or finished? am I missing something from it or is there a way to post it properly? --—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Hiya, I'm not sure what article you're talking about. Could you give me the exact article name, or the name of a contributor? Was it recently put up? --SgtLion (talk) 09:29, 20 November 2015 (MST)
This article, i think ive done something wrong because it doesnt turn up at all except on my contributions —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Devoid94 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.
You removed the categories, so it can't show up in the right place. --—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Salasay (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Ow right, is there a way to fix it? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Devoid94 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

I may be on semi-hiatus, but I don't remember exhibiting such tolerance for a lack of signatures, a shame on both your houses. I've added in the categories and I can see it showin' up on the list. So it seems good now. You can see the categories at the bottom of the page source. --SgtLion (talk) 14:39, 21 November 2015 (MST)

Pathfinder homebrew

Someone made Pathfinder Magical Cursed Items, Pathfinder Equipment/cursed items/gravity hammer, and a few other things. I wonder if you would like the joy of sorting these out. --—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Marasmusine (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Is this a curse? What trickery has led to nobody ever signing their posts anymore? Blue Dragon, is that you editing the backend?! I'm still under heavy pressure for some weeks, but I'll definitely make the time to sort that stuff out this weekend. Thanks for the headsup. --SgtLion (talk) 02:40, 4 December 2015 (MST)
In my tired early morning state I must have subconsciously omitted the sig after seeing your despair above. I swear it wasn't intentional :) Marasmusine (talk) 05:58, 4 December 2015 (MST)
We are secretly trying to drive you crazy, Sarg. Part of my plot to take over the internet, and then... THE WORLD! --—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Salasay (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.
Gggggggggr. --SgtLion (talk) 04:56, 5 December 2015 (MST) SgtLion (talk) 04:56, 5 December 2015 (MST) SgtLion (talk) 04:56, 5 December 2015 (MST) SgtLion (talk) 04:56, 5 December 2015 (MST) SgtLion (talk) 04:56, 5 December 2015 (MST) SgtLion (talk) 04:56, 5 December 2015 (MST)


What are the Wiki's rules over using the content within it? Can I copy and paste something from here and post it in another place online? Provided I give credit to the original creator and major contributors, of course. 04:25, 5 December 2015 (MST)

Most of our homebrew content is covered under the GNU FDL 1.3. If you want to copy content en masse, or commercially, I especially suggest you read the entire licensing. But in general, you are allowed to copy/paste/modify anything here as long as you credit creator and major contributors, yes. Source Reference Document materials and some few Homebrew articles are covered under the CC-BY-SA or OGL licenses, those should have notices on top and bottom of the page, which will describe their particular licensing. Let me know if there's anything you're still confused about. --SgtLion (talk) 04:32, 5 December 2015 (MST)


Should I get Cities: Skylines? Do you think it's something I could play with my son (who is 8)? Marasmusine (talk) 13:43, 22 December 2015 (MST)

Oops, sorry, misread and thought you already had it (I guess it's on your wishlist too... it's in the Steam sale!) Marasmusine (talk) 13:44, 22 December 2015 (MST)

I have actually played Cities Skylines a fair bit, just not on my account, which is why it's now on my wishlist. My experience with children is minimal, but the interface is simple, and the game is all pretty intuitive, I certainly enjoyed it. Plus watching my desire to cram as much into a small space as possible end up clogging up roads gives me endless pleasure. As games go I'd certainly go for it, I generally resent paying full price on any game, so maybe I'll get it this sale, too. --SgtLion (talk) 04:19, 23 December 2015 (MST)
Also thanks for signing your posts ilu --SgtLion (talk) 16:12, 23 December 2015 (MST)

Weapon Mix Up Fallout Supplement

Checking for recent addition to the Fallout Supplement here and noticed your addition to weapons.... the M2HB Browning Heavy Machine Gun is .50 caliber equal to the Soviets 12.7mm HMG while the .30 caliber is known more around the M1919 Browning Machine Gun and is slightly smaller.

In my Campaigns when I've allowed used of any belt-fed machine guns or autocannons I implement a roll of 1d10 for every one second of continuous fire to allot the number of rounds that hit the target

Links Below... —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Hiya. I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I don't remember make an alteration to a weapons page, but please do clarify, certainly if I can assist. --SgtLion (talk) 04:08, 20 February 2016 (MST)

Editing someone page (After they have been away for a while

Hi SgtLion,

I just wanted to ask about editing people's pages after they have gone for a while. Basically just wanted to know if it was something that is okay to do? The person in question has not maintained or edited the page for a long time and I wanted to help out by fixing overpowered buffs that would be something he would of accept in his favor. I even added my reasoning for the edits in his discussion page. I just wanted to know if this is okay to do. This is the page I am referring to

Thanks -Technique (talk) 20:57, 4 May 2016 (PST)

That's absolutely fine. I can see you've already made the changes and the author already reverted them - Kinda frustrating when they've still not acknowledged the talk page. But as Dragon Knight (5e Class) is high-traffic, it looks like a lot of those balance issues had been introduced by IPs in the meantime, so you at least brought the issue to the author's attention.
Anyway, yes. We totally encourage editing other people's pages, especially for silly balance issues and the like, and double especially for abandoned articles, so thanks a lot for the effort, and I hope you continue to do so~ --SgtLion (talk) 04:09, 5 May 2016 (MDT)
Thank you. I have to admit I was bit hasty on making the changes. It just that the class changes was getting out of hand and everyone just seem to love adding stuff randomly with no explanation. It kinda sucks that all the edits have been taken out since the author's last edit (including any grammar/spelling errors that was fixed), but I guess looking from the author's perspective, nearly every single buff that was added was simply overpowered or there far too much nonsense he doesn't want to deal with at the time. Hopefully it will be resolved soon --Technique (talk) 11:27, 5 May 2016 (PST)
Aye, fully agreed. Let me know if I can help at all. --SgtLion (talk) 13:09, 5 May 2016 (MDT)

Request For Review

I have been waiting for ANYONE to review some pages that was given to me as well as my page, and i even sent person notes to various...none replied, for about 2 weeks?. And now the OP is upset because the plans he had cannot be fulfilled. As they were given a time limit and no one responded and now they were deleted, by his request. The point was he/they wanted to get a few pages worked on by me, and i needed then to be reviewed...and they were going to remove the delete request if i could have gotton them done in time...there is something else going on but i havent figured that out yet. I think one of the admins are giving them a hard time or something. Anyway i think i have a list on my user page of what i want reviewed or i may have put it on Maramu....something a rathers page as well as green and blues page. I know its three races, wo are spider races that start with A...anasi and aracha something. Then there is my stick man. thanksMcAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 19:40, 16 May 2016 (MDT)

Hi McAlester - We all appreciate the efforts, because I do think it is something we should have. The fact of the matter is we don't have a big enough active, core userbase to review and moderate all the pages needing to be reviewed. Any respectable admin will happily discuss a delete template to the end of time, as long as it's headed in a constructive direction; Which Marasmusine would've done if the user had said something (in fact it can be undeleted and discussed yet, if he's upset about it). I'm so poor at reviewing that I can't really help out in the department, personally. I'll say it again If a page has a delete template on it, say something on the talk page, or better yet, the proposer's talk page, and discuss what we can do to keep it up to scratch. Your page will not be deleted if you're actively trying to improve it.. --SgtLion (talk) 06:30, 17 May 2016 (MDT) Addendum: And if it is deleted, let me know and I'll rock 'em sock 'em; No deletion is permanent. --SgtLion (talk) 09:19, 17 May 2016 (MDT)
Yeah i dont know anything, i am a NOOB with big googly thats not true, scratch that...well mayby if i see a good looking girl...or ice cream...or a nice hot rod...or a nice sunset...or...nevermind LOL.
Thats good. I can only do so much. I am trying. Thanks for your response. I gotta remember to look at that admin list of yours...its just things keep popping up that i gotta do first eat breakfast...i cant believe i forgot again. McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 10:01, 17 May 2016 (MDT)
I'll also informally note that your style of writing does not aid reading comprehension. You're lovely and friendly, but deciphering of your sentences can be hard sometimes. <3 --SgtLion (talk) 10:37, 17 May 2016 (MDT)

"You hear that everyone I got Style!" (Puts thumbs in the invisible vest.) LOL You know i am a dude right...ok maybe not a dung ball on an elephants back side or some wannabe cowboy dude. I am a man, and i dont think..."lovely" anywhere near an appropriate word LOL. Friendly...yeah...never been slapped by a woman for being friendly either LOL. Deciphering...good gives you something to do, cant say your bored now can ya? LOL...LOL have a good one. McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 11:21, 17 May 2016 (MDT)

I'll call dudes lovely if I wanna! --SgtLion (talk) 13:49, 17 May 2016 (MDT)
Its your civil liberty, however it makes it hard for me to not feed into the hatred bit of all the gay crap...pts...and all that other nastie.... the point being it makes me think of bad karma, darkside, bad juju stuff. I dont want to respond in such, and nor will i simply tolerate it. So it puts me in a perplexing predicament that i am likely to respond aggressively too with extreme prejudicesness. Thats one topic i DONT joke about very often, and when i do its with really good friends in non social environments. I leaving it off there cause i dont want to vomit or get ill thinking about this nastie crap. Of course if you are an actual female i would not have a problem. However if your XY, then you will always be xy, no matter what you try to do. McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 12:58, 18 May 2016 (MDT)
Ouch, that's pretty hurtful to people like myself; Though you're welcome to your opinion. Perhaps we'd best stop this topic post-haste. --SgtLion (talk) 13:37, 18 May 2016 (MDT)
Hurtful, i doubt it. With a name like Sargent could something like that hurt? Second, opinion and fact, for me run close hand in hand. Third, you didnt want to stop when i gave the first hint...and now you want to stop cause you see i will not back down? However i agree...I wish you would have got the hint. Its not something i am comfortable with, even in the least. I and too many other friends have been hurt by gay people...i tried being friends...didnt work...So that adds to the issue. I will drop it from this point fact i will erase the last couple post and when you read this you can erase this and we can start over from the good part before it went....wherever. McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 20:32, 18 May 2016 (MDT)
I appreciate the effort, but I'd rather the talk page was an accurate history for reading comprehension. More on point - If you've got anything dandwiki-related to discuss, I'm happy to assist, otherwise this conversation is over, now. --SgtLion (talk) 06:30, 19 May 2016 (MDT)

Power Plays are childish. I have been learning to not feed into them, i still fail on most accounts in some way. I will take a cue from Musashi-the wild swordsman...It was over the from the moment you threw down your respect. I will also take cues from others greater than myself and make it clear that i am not angry or offended or have anything to prove save that the measure that i must IMPROVE myself. IT IS a wonderful day and i WILL rejoice and be glad in it. I DO appreciate your input and your Honest desire for friendliness. You are better at this, possibly than i will ever be. Every time i am friendly, someone eventually messes it up. Trys to take advantage where there is none, nor should such a thought friends should not be tools nor some other object of esteem, to have opportunity upon, over or even with. Baseline respect with out manipulation of any sort. I know you do not need my platitudes or reasons why i appreciate you or anyone else, or the shallow and hollow pretenses and falsehoods they cast. I prefer straight raw unadulterated truth. Truth only hurts where there is offence. If there is no offence, then truth heals, strengthens, bolsters, encourages, sets you free, free from yourself and everything else....etc. Thats why i do not mind being transparent and honest, no matter who gets offended. I am not the smartest or wisest, nor do i pretend to be, what i do truth and when i find it, i love it and take the opportunity to set myself free from my greatest fearful fleshly enemy, myself.

I say all this, because in the long run, i want the good parts to sink in, regardless if i am liked or not. I am willing to take the risk of being hated to in the long run encourage others to be better, better than me...Truth can not be broken, only disguised. To share truth takes real courage and humility...This is love.

And in love i agree, that this particular topic should end, however for the right reason, and not of pride or ego or some other weak human emotion...rather understanding, and, yes truth. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to explore myself as i had no idea that all this resided in me with this much clarity. I thought i would be weak and feed into and go into some wild explosive rant or something...Instead...its more like...a tree that grows after a day of light rain, when the sun comes out and the tree takes opportunity to use whats been given it. For this i thank you. Mayhap you did all this on purpose, knowing or not knowing, like i have done for others in the past...Knowing the greatest thing you can do, is lay down 'self' and if need be, Be that stepping stone...I believe its possible. Because a skilled stepping stone grows stronger with each step. If that also is the case, well then you really did outsmart me and help. Thank you. However you spent all this time here instead of on the pages that i requested. Mayhap your telling me it doesnt matter what others think. I am speechless and need to reflect. And go to the bathroom....and eat breakfast...before i forget again...Thank you for your time. McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 08:45, 19 May 2016 (MDT)

Hah, interesting. As I've said before, my ability to review a page and give meaningful feedback isn't good. Otherwise I'd do it far more often. --SgtLion (talk) 14:09, 19 May 2016 (MDT)

Soshokzii subtype deletion

Why was my subtype deleted? There wasn't any copyright violation on it. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Dark Dragon (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Again, very sorry. I should take a rest.. --SgtLion (talk) 07:30, 26 May 2016 (MDT)
It's alright. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Dark Dragon (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.


Good day, Sergeant.

I wanted to ask you a few questions:

Recently, I've posted a new 5e class here, Knight of Bretonnia (5e Class), and I would like to add a title to it, but I have no idea how to do it. Can you please help me?

Also, I wanted to ask how to get my class reviewed by some hardcore DnD player from this website?

I'll be waiting for your answer.--MrWAAAGH (talk) 10:42, 11 June 2016 (MDT)

I'm not sure what you mean by a title? That looks good to me, at the moment.
As for getting reviewed by a hardcore player; It's a tough one. The few of our users that will actively help and review are quite tied up. You can reach out to other admins such as Marasmusine, or from helpers, but a lack of people actively looking at new things is one of our weaknesses, at them moment. So don't expect too quick a response. --SgtLion (talk) 11:49, 11 June 2016 (MDT)

Chosen Undead

I think the creator of the (5e Race) Chosen Undead race got the name the wrong way around. SirSprinkles (talk) 15:42, 19 July 2016 (MDT)

Heh, I feel you may possibly be right there. Nice catch! I've moved the page to the correct namespace; Though I won't remove the redirect yet in case the author gets lost. — May I also be so out of line as to make use of this moment to say I've always felt enchanted by your username? --SgtLion (talk) 07:05, 20 July 2016 (MDT)

problem this needs to go in 4e stuff but it is in thx —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lucius West (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Sorted!. --SgtLion (talk) 08:58, 18 August 2016 (MDT)

I think I fixed it.

I've been working on the Arasi race and racial classes that were tagged for deletion. The brunt of the page has been fixed. I changed OP's custom tables to Wiki Standard and did some balancing/ grammar correction across the board. Give it a look? It was a really really interesting idea and I'd hate to see it die after so much thought was put into the original publishing. --GD-Psycho (talk) 19:42, 31 August 2016 (MDT)

That looks a lot better, nice job! And thanks for doing it! My biggest concern for balance was having two natural attacks and no LA, but I think with your changes, it looks all good. I've removed the delete and.. uh, actually all the improvement templates. Again, neat job! <3 --SgtLion (talk) 01:50, 1 September 2016 (MDT)


I would like your input on Help talk:Improving, Reviewing, and Removing Templates please. --Kydo (talk) 23:38, 14 September 2016 (MDT)

Facebook project page

As part of construction on the community portal, I have created D&D Wiki on Facebook primarily as a tool for us to keep track of who has access to it, who else we are working with, and files we have used in the process of running that page. It can also be used as a behind-the-scenes place to discuss future activities through the Facebook page, such as if we ever decide to run an event for the wiki. --Kydo (talk) 19:28, 23 September 2016 (MDT)

I'll keep my eye on there. I do have access to our Facebook now. Cheers! --SgtLion (talk) 05:31, 26 September 2016 (MDT)

Off Balanced Race

You didn't hear it from me ;D --Roboflame777 (talk) 00:08, 24 September 2016 (MDT)

Many thanks for properly pointing that out :3 It shall be addressed in due time --SgtLion (talk) 05:31, 26 September 2016 (MDT)

Something happened

I have no idea why, but this guy has some broken code somewhere. I didn't think I messed with things too much, broke. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by GD-Psycho (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Sir Sprinkles fixed it! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by GD-Psycho (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.
Hah, good ol' Sir Sprinkles. That guy is quickly turning into a legend. Glad things are sorted! --SgtLion (talk) 01:21, 18 October 2016 (MDT)

Making a 5e Monster "Elite"

Hello there!

I've been experimenting with ways to take given regular 5e monsters, and make "elite" versions of them, for the purpose of throwing customized, named monsters into random encounters every so often. The way I've gone about it up to this point is to do the following to a normal monster:
- increase all ability scores by +2
- increase AC by +2
- increase number of hit dice by +1
- use the maximum possible result of hit dice for its health
- increase challenge rating by +1 to compensate for the other changes

Any thoughts about this method? Clockwerk66 (talk) 14:04, 3 November 2016 (MDT)

5e is far out my area of expertise. From the little knowledge I have of it, it looks like a pretty decent standardised way to elite things. Could be worth making a Variant Rule! If you're looking for more expertise and opinion on this, I'd suggest talking to User:Kydo or User:Marasmusine Ah, you already did!. Looks good! --SgtLion (talk) 16:06, 3 November 2016 (MDT)

It's All Good!

No apologies necessary over the whole Tulock/Agatha CR thing! I didn't get any sort of angry vibe from you at all, and I hope I didn't come across as confrontational. One of the downfalls of electronic communcations is that you don't get the emotional tone of the message like you would get from a conversation in person. Yeah, the CR for NPCs has always been kind of screwy. A case could definitely be made to adjust the CR of an encounter if it's too easy, in fact, the DMG brings that up at one point. One of the many reasons I prefer not to use class level NPCs as opponents, they always have less power than a racial hit dice monster of the same CR. If I see anything I would normally change on any of your pages I'll just make a mention of it on its talk page so you can decide if it should be changed or not. Have a good one. :) Darkzumi (talk) 06:06, 26 November 2016 (MST)

Cheers for that, glad to know I've not upset ye. Indeed, I've asked dear fellow Mara' for input, and I suppose whatever the case, the Agatha/Tulock (Agatulock?) should follow DMG rules first and foremost, so I'll change it to CR 27 but I'll put a design note in there or something that this one NPC alone does not make for such a challenge.
More importantly, I'm happy to hear back from you - I have few creations here, in reality, but do give me a proper telling off if I'm caught doing other things wrong. <3 <3 --SgtLion (talk) 08:44, 29 November 2016 (MST)

D&D Wiki Plays D&D

You're Invited! --Kydo (talk) 20:58, 22 January 2017 (MST)

Oh, yay! This looks cool - I'll have a look over lunch and get involved. --SgtLion (talk) 03:37, 24 January 2017 (MST)
About 5e, it seems very much like a stripped down 3.5e. I pretty much just jumped into building a character and learned about the differences as I went. If you'd like, I may be able to help, though I'm far from fluent for now. --Salasay Δ 08:32, 1 February 2017 (MST)
I did try to jump into building a character, but reading all the rules in a sitting just makes my head spin. I'm more used to learning a system by also chatting with friends about it on IRC or somethin' as I go through. I'll appreciate any amount of help, however~ --SgtLion (talk) 15:30, 1 February 2017 (MST)
Yeah. I picked a class and found one of those multi-color guides for it to help with creation. Plus, I applied the KISS principal to picking the theme and avoided casting-classes. I'll probably have some trouble when the combat begins in earnest, but for now I should be okay. --Salasay Δ 18:34, 1 February 2017 (MST)
I should probably use a guide, that's a good though. Doin' my best to keep it simple, 'cept I love spells too much to give them up. --SgtLion (talk) 05:35, 2 February 2017 (MST)
Well, I finished my sheet okay, I think (save for some fluff). But I will continue to hesitate to join in, as there are now just too many players for my preference, and I still feel rather out of my league anyways. <3 --SgtLion (talk) 17:01, 3 February 2017 (MST)
It has certainly become nearly overwhelming. Things have calmed down for me a lot though, now that I don't have such a backlog of character reviews. If you're not into it, it's fine to opt out. I won't hold someone to a game they aren't interested in. That would be no fun. --Kydo (talk) 17:42, 3 February 2017 (MST)

Old Warmage class

I had played warmage a couple times before it was moved to the incomplete/balancing section of 5e classes. I noticed a lot of things were changed and was wondering if it was possible to get the old version. Leaf8675309 (talk)

If you go into the history tab at the top of the page, you can see a list of revisions, who made them, and when they were made. If you click on a date, it will show you how that page appeared at the time. If reverting the page to an earlier state would resolve a maintenance tag, you can ask an admin to revert it to that earlier state. (Actually, I think even regular users can do that, but I'm not certain, so I won't recommend it.) --Kydo (talk) 23:32, 22 January 2017 (MST)
Kydo and his zapping helpattacks. You can revert the page to any revision in the history. If the reverted version is complete, we can put protection on it to stop IPs vandalising and unbalancing it again. --SgtLion (talk) 03:36, 24 January 2017 (MST)

Sidebar Question

You seem to know some syntax workarounds, so maybe you can help me out here. --Green Dragon (talk) 14:43, 13 February 2017 (MST)

Doom RPG

Hello SgtLion, I'm trying to get a few players together to play a quick Doom campaign here on the wiki. Doom (5e Campaign Setting)/Moons Of Saturn. Let me know if you are interested! Marasmusine (talk) 02:29, 19 February 2017 (MST)

Ooh, looks interestin'. I certainly am interested! I'll knock together a character later today --SgtLion (talk) 05:12, 19 February 2017 (MST)

5e Race Matters

Would the offspring of a Half-Elf and a Half-Orc be a Human or an Elf-Orc Hybrid? --Redrum 00:31, 9 March 2017 (UTC)

Rules are up to you. By realistic standards. A 50% human/50% elf and a 50% orc/50% human would have a 50% human/25% elf/25% orc child. --SgtLion (talk) 09:15, 9 March 2017 (UTC)

New Celestial Creatures Looking for General Feedback

Hello SgtLion! I've recently created and posted a big slew of new celestial satblocks, based on the angelic enemies encountered in the Bayonetta series of games, and I'm currently looking for feedback on their overall statblocks. If you, Marasmusine, SirSprinkles, Guy, or anybody else in the wiki have any feedback or general comments at all regarding my posted creatures, then please don’t hesitate to let me know, so that I can better fine-tune them for actual campaign use later down the line.
Links to all of my posted creatures can be found on my user page if you don't want to scroll through the entire homebrew monsters section. Clockwerk66 (talk) 04:34, 4 April 2017 (UTC)

Magical Weather

Would the damage caused by Alchemical Fog be acid or poison? -- 23:17, 5 April 2017 (UTC)

You're going to have to clarify what you mean by 'Magical Weather' or 'Alchemical Fog'. The key difference is whether the fog burns you from the outside (acid), or only hurts you by inhaling and absorbing it (poison). --SgtLion (talk) 08:58, 6 April 2017 (UTC)
Mostly, the damage is on the outside going in. -- 19:27, 15 April 2017 (UTC)

Help Sorting Pages

Is there a way I can search Special:WantedPages for a specific keyword in the title, similar to how Template:Dab works? It'd make it easier for me to check if I put any red links to certain pages.--GamerAim (talk) 12:16, 18 May 2017 (UTC)

As Special Pages is an MW extension of its own, it doesn't interface much with other things. I don't think there's any way to use them as part of any other template. So no, sadly, I don't think so - I certainly can't find anything on it. --SgtLion (talk) 16:15, 18 May 2017 (UTC)
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