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Thank you for the helpful edits to my page.-Cjscorpion

Pedido de desculpas[edit]

Tive a oportunidade de fazer um personagem multiclasse e meu DM me deu a chance de utilizar uma classe não oficial e a capacidade de "editar livremente" uma classe que só precisava de algumas alterações para ficar perfeita ao meu uso fez com que o poder me subisse à cabeça. O Energy Mage foi uma classe muito bem editada e seus argumentos contra minhas alterações me fizeram abrir os olhos. Sinto muito pela confusão que causei. -o carinha que tava bagunçando a classe

Ta tranquilo meu caro. Equilibrio é uma coisa que é difícil de acertar de cara, não precisa se desculpar. E se você discordar de qualquer coisa só falar aqui ou na "discussion page" do Energy Mage. E fico feliz que você tenha gostado, se você jogar com ele me fala como foi! Anastacio (talk) 21:35, 4 March 2021 (MST)

Merchant Bodyguard Balance[edit]

You recently marked the merchant class that I've written up again as unbalanced, specifically looking at the Bodyguard mechanic. I can accept that the mechanic may need more work, but you specifically said that the feature is "even worse in terms of balance." I would think that this feature became a TON more balanced, since your bodyguard can now only reach a CR of 9 instead of 19 once your Merchant character reaches level 20. How is that even less balanced? WiserVisor (talk) 11:50, 15 March 2021 (MDT)

First, the bodyguard, although it has limited CR, still has a great scaling, which end up not reducing the overall power of the feature. Now, for the bit of even worse, now you start with a creature that has 8 hit dice as a bodyguard, +8 on Dex saving throw s and +8 Wisdom (Perception) checks (the most important save in the game). At and game, sure, this bodyguard will be weaker than the 1st iteration, but the previous version gave you a 1/2 CR monsters, which have a far lower survival chance. Since this feature rely on the DM to give another bodyguard, you were less likely to get another once you loose your weaker sidekick on the first version than on the second.
Also, this bodyguard is way more powerful on the most usual tiers of play, since most players cap their characters at 11th level. Is not just overall power that is factored when we talk about the power level of a feature. A 1st-level overpowered feature is more concerning than a 11th + level feature, for example.
Any other doubts, feel free to talk to me. And please sign your posts Anastacio (talk) 12:01, 15 March 2021 (MDT)
The bodyguard statblocks are all CR 1/2 starting off, according to the Monster Stats by CR table in the DMG. Each individual Aspect Increase isn't enough to increase the CR of the bodyguard with each level increase of the Merchant, which would then mean that, at every level of the Merchant except level 1, the bodyguard will be weaker in this updated version than the prior version, not just comparing the later-levels of the bodyguard. In the prior version, each level up of the Merchant would increase the CR of the bodyguard by one, whereas now it effectively increases the CR of the bodyguard once every two level ups of the Merchant character. The difference is less noticeable at the lower levels, admittedly, but this new bodyguard scaling would still be weaker than the prior version at any level (aside from level 1), regardless.
Now, if the Monster Stats by CR table in the DMG isn't all that reliable, then my argument holds no water, as the bodyguard stats may actually be at a higher CR than I thought. I also agree now that those saving throws and skill proficiencies are a bit strong. I'll work on making those scale, so they start off weaker and become good later on. I will also work on limiting the CR of the bodyguard once the Merchant reaches level 20, which would then weaken the overall scaling. Currently, the bodyguard reaches CR 9 once the Merchant reaches level 20 (assuming the bodyguard doesn't die/leave at some point and is replaced by a weaker bodyguard). I was considering dropping this to CR 8 or 7. Do you have any thoughts on that? WiserVisor (talk) 12:32, 15 March 2021 (MDT)
I would create specific statblocks without really concern for CR. If you want to use monsters, use CR 1/4 creatures and let them scale up with the class. Or take cues from Battlesmith or the new Beast Master from Tasha's to get a felling on how to balance. Using monsters is a bit complex, and if you think that using them is necessary for this class, remove the scaling with the class and use ONLY CR as a method of scaling. I recommend you to look at summoning spells. A permanent CR 1/2 creature is equivalent to a 2nd-level spell for example (look at find steed) , and a CR 2 creature is equivalent to a 4th-level spell (find greater steed). Temporary summons are harder to pinpoint, but we can look at summon fey for example, a 6th-level spell, that allow you to summon a CR 6 creature. Comparing your class to a caster (either half or full) should help if you really intend to use monsters. Anastacio (talk) 00:57, 16 March 2021 (MDT)


do you still have the swashbuckler variant information? dont know why it was changed to myrmidon but i had a character made with the swashbuckler variant so if you have is there a way you could give me the last stats before the changing?

The article was abandoned for more than 2 years without the issues pointed out on the templates being addressed by the creator or any other wikian, so i adopted the page and replaced its content, in an attempt to clean up the Abandoned articles.
If you go on the revision: "07:29, 17 January 2019‎ talk‎" and click in"prev", you can see all the information concerning the previous state of the article. You also have the Swashbuckler class on the wiki, which seems to have been the inspiration for the variant, bearing lots of the same features. Anastacio (talk) 12:11, 5 September 2021 (MDT)

Binate Duelist Class Template[edit]

Do you still have the Binate Duelist Class information as a whole? Because I have an active campaign using that class, not the monk subclass you altered it to be. If you still have a text document for it, i would very much like to have it on hand.

Go in the binate duelist subclass History, then in the edit made by Nuke The Earth and click in prev. Alternatively, you also have the Binate Duelist Class Anastacio (talk) 06:33, 6 October 2021 (MDT)
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