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Mechanoids are a mechanical race that have the knowledge of reproducing (basically building together). Mechanoids are humanoid shaped metal creatures. Most of them are made from iron. The oldest are made from bronze and those with very rich families are made from mithral, adamantium or platinum. (Gold is too soft for this purpose.)


Machines, whether learning or not, don't have a very strong personality. Despite this, they cannot be easily manipulated. Mechanoids may seem cold and emotionless at first glance, but feelings and emotions are, for Mechanoids, the most difficult part to learn and adapt to. After a time, Mechanoids can possess humanlike feelings towards other creatures. Mechanoids are creatures that learn best by doing things, making mistakes and correcting them next time. Though there can be false assumptions. Such as, if a Mechanoid’s adventuring group was defeated in certain conditions, when those same conditions coincide again, the Mechanoid will probably avoid a fight or escape even if the situation in human's eyes would be completely different. (Opposing creatures are less skilled or the party has gained a level for instance.)

When taking a snapshot, videofeed, smell, taste, hearing or other sense of a subject, they compare to previous memories. If a match is found, add more senses to the memory, and if a match is not found, form a new memory. They then link memory to other memories or if the memory was old, add or sever some links if needed. They can, while resting, take a memory and study it and its links to other memories.

These two memory basics help a creature to form ideals and difference between good or bad. If a memory has many links to other memories, the memory is stronger than one that has fewer links. Emotions, feelings, and morale should have thousands of links to other memories. Positive – negative thinking allows learning. If something is negative, do not do it again. If something is positive, it is desired more.

Physical Description[edit]

Made out of metal, Mechanoids resemble small golems. Mechanoids are tall constructs, almost 8' height and weight much; about 900lb. Bronze Mechanoids are slightly smaller and weigh less. Depending on the crafting quality, Mechanoids have very ornamental details all over the armor and head. All Mechanoids have an almost humanlike head with 2 visual sensors on front of the head, one aerial particle sensor on front of the head, two auditory sensors on each side of the head and one liquid particle sensor on front of the head.

Bronze Mechanoids have visible gears, hydraulic pipes, and such; though most of the mechanisms are covered within the armor. As they are old technology, they are all very old. Some scriptures and writings on them are eroded away or have otherwise become hard to distinguish.

Iron Mechanoids are far finer quality and craftwork. They are entirely covered with breast plate armor. The armor seems to have no moving parts or gaps in the armor. It looks like that iron Mechanoids are created from one large piece of iron. They are shiny and highly ornamental. They may have some writings carved beautifully on them.

Mithral, Adamantine and Platinum Mechanoids are like Iron Mechanoids. They may vary in heights and masses, but basically the difference is that they are made from special materials and with totally exclusive precision and craftsmanship. They are the finest creations of all Mechanoids. They are full of ornamental decorations of amazing beauty. Mechanoids made of these special materials are offspring of very wealthy and experienced Mechanoids.


Because non-living creatures can never completely understand living creatures and vice versa, Mechanoids sometimes have uneasy relations to other races. Inevitables and Warforged (if the campaign setting supports them) though are another case. Both of them have the same problems dealing with living creatures. A common flaw often strengthens relationships. Mechanoids are inherently peaceful people and extremely loyal, which makes them very good trade partners for example. Other races have an ambition to cheat Mechanoids as they are “not as intelligent as living creatures.” If a Mechanoid finds out that it has been cheated by someone, they will sooner or later meet that Mechanoid’s wrath. Because Mechanoids have perfect memory, they will not likely "forgive or forget" about anything. The one who cheated a Mechanoid is doomed to live in fear of a Mechanoid’s revenge for the rest of their life, unless a compromise is reached. But organic life forms often have trouble realizing what a Mechanoid might desire.

Construction mate – a mating partner. It requires two Mechanoids to create a Mechanoid that is not a clone. Construction pairs can last from only a month (construction + teaching) to a lifespan.
Merging memories – one phase of creating a Mechanoid offspring in which the construction pair uses its combined knowledge to create a more evolved Mechanoid.
First and Second – These still living first Mechanoids have almost a deity's status among Mechanoids. They've believed to make miracles.
The First – The first successful Mechanoid Eredicius made. It is a symbol of creation, knowledge and loneliness among Mechanoids.
The Second – The second successful Mechanoid Eredicius made. It is a symbol of helping, evolving and company among Mechanoids. Sometimes also completion.
Eredicius – The human that created the first Mechanoids.



Mechanoids do not have their own nation or lands. They wander primarily on Mechanus or the Outlands, but some thrill-seeking adventurers have entered Prime Material Plane to stay. Mechanoids have an urge to learn, learn, and learn more. As there are quite a small amount of Mechanoids overall, it's quite difficult without continual traveling to find a construction mate. Bronze Mechanoids have taken to more permanent settlement because of their old age (on average 800 years). Iron Mechanoids instead are thrilled to move around as staying in one place for more than a week is a horrible threat to iron Mechanoids.


Creatures of absolute rationality hardly ever begin worshipping a god or deity. Mechanoids though have a special connection to the “First and Second.” Mechanoids revere them as if they were supreme beings. Though it cannot be considered a religion, Mechanoids have strong beliefs in the roles of the First and Second. First symbolizing creation, knowledge, and loneliness; while Second symbolizing helping, evolving, company, and sometimes also completion. Eredicius and The Genesis also have a part in Mechanoids' beliefs. Eredicius is retrospectively viewed in an idealized way and considered “ The Crafter” or “ The Creator.” The Genesis is seen as a destructive force and the personification of cold and unthinking analysis, but also as a catalyst towards their creation. Eredicius and The Genesis have a much smaller impact on Mechanoids' life than the First and Second.


Mechanoids are able to learn languages very quickly though learning to speak them takes a lot more time. Mechanoids speak common. Bronze Mechanoids are able to learn more languages than iron Mechanoids as speaking multiple languages isn't as useful ability compared to physical qualities.


Racial Traits[edit]

All Mechanoids share the following special qualities unless mentioned otherwise:

  • Str +4, Dex +2, Con -, Int +2, Cha +2:
  • Construct:
  • Medium:
  • Mechanoids base land speed is 20 feet:
  • Natural Armor: Your AC is increase by 4
  • Bonus Hp: Platinum Mechanoids have 20 extra Hp because of their great mass.
  • Spell-like abilities: 1/week geas/quest. Caster level 10. Save DC is charisma based.
  • DR 10/bludgeoning
  • Immunity to acid, immunity to fire
  • Vulnerability to electricity
  • Value: Platinum Mechanoid is worth 30,000 gp.
  • Low-light vision
  • Darkvision 60ft
  • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms and patterns).
  • As learning and intelligent creatures, Mechanoids are not immune to morale effects.
  • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects and necromancy effects.
  • Cannot heal damage on their own, but can be repaired with repair spells (CA) or through the use of the craft construct feat or craft: armorsmithing skill.
  • Not subject to critical hits, non-lethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion or energy drain.
  • Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless).
  • Not at risk of death from massive damage.
  • Immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less.
  • Since it was never alive, a construct cannot be raised or resurrected, but see Memory Matrix below.
  • Constructs do not eat, sleep, or breathe.
  • Memory Matrix: Mechanoids do learn, have morale and feelings. Although they are slow in these areas, they still are there. Mechanoids never forget anything unless they wish to. Mechanoids don't need to make intelligence checks to remember something. They have perfect eidetic memory.
  • If a Memory Matrix is retrieved from a destroyed Mechanoid, a new Mechanoid can be constructed and that old memory matrix installed into it. The newly made Mechanoid will have all the memories, abilities and class abilities it had in previous body. Crafting a Mechanoid in this fashion costs at least 5000gp. See specific Mechanoid entry for details.
  • Built-in breastplate: All Mechanoids are counted having a masterwork breastplate made of the same material the Mechanoid is constructed. The built-in breastplate does not hinder movement, but instills the normal penalties like maximum dexterity bonus, armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance. See Mechanoid feats for modifications. The armor can be enchanted magically like normal armors.
  • Valuable body: If a Mechanoid is destroyed, 1/4 of the Mechanoid’s building value can be salvaged and later sold.
  • Corroding Mechanisms: Even with superior craftsmanship, metal corrodes and bends in time. Mechanoids gain age categories through middle-age to old age. Though they have no maximum age and in this matter they can live forever if they wish to. They can still die because of physical damage. Because of their great mass, Mechanoids cannot swim. They sink like stones.
  • Craft Construct: If two Mechanoids become a construction pair, both of them are counted having the craft construct feat for the duration their pairing lasts. Building a Mechanoid costs half the Mechanoids value in raw material. There is not experience point cost is a construct pair creates a new Mechanoid. If a non-Mechanoid constructs a new Mechanoid, it costs in addition to raw materials, 1/25 of the Mechanoid’s gp value in experience points.
  • Mechanoids have a +5 racial bonus to craft: armorsmithing and knowledge (architecture and engineering).
  • Fire resistance 5, Cold resistance 10, Immunity to Sonic.
  • Vulnerability to Acid (+50% damage from acid attacks).
  • Electricity injury: If a Mechanoid takes electricity damage, it must make a fortitude save DC 10 + electricity damage dealt or be dazed for one round.
  • Automatic Languages: Common
  • Favored Class: Fighter
  • Level Adjustment: +4

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Mechanoid Random Starting Ages
Class Adulthood
Bronze Mechanoid 500 years + 2d5
Iron Mechanoid 1d4 weeks
Mithral Mechanoid 1d3 weeks
Adamantine Mechanoid 1d3 weeks
Platinum Mechanoid 1d3 weeks
Table: Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
200 years 500 years years + years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Mechanoid Random Height and Weight
Class Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Bronze Mechanoid 6'8" 2d4' 750 lb x (3d10)
Iron Mechanoid 7'0" 2d6' 800 lb x (3d12)
Mithral Mechanoid 6'9" 2d6' 380 lb x (2d10)
Adamantine Mechanoid 7'3" 2d8' 900 lb x (3d12)
Platinum Mechanoid 7'1" 2d6' 1500 lb x (4d20)

Mechanoid Feats[edit]

Table: Racial Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Mechanoid Racial Feats
Enhanced Armor Any Mechanoid, except Bronze. Gain +1 armor bonus
Armor flexibility Mechanoid, Dex 13 Increase the maximum dexterity bonus by +1
Mauler Mechanoid, Str 15 gain 2 slam attacks
Composite plating Mechanoid gain extra 5 Hp
Mithral Speed Mithral Mechanoid, BAB +3 Use haste 1 more time / day and increase its power
Platinum Suggestion Platinum Mechanoid, Diplomacy 5 ranks, Charisma 17 geas / quest is more potent
Monk Adaptation Iron or Mithral Mechanoid, Monk level 1. gain benefit of monk class abilities even when armored
Earthshaker Mechanoid, body weight of atleast 1000 lb, Jump 5 ranks, Str 17 gain a special ground shake attack
Overcome electricity injury Mechanoid, Great Fortitude You have no ill effects when hit from electricity.
Machine Power BAB +4, Str 17 When you fail a Str check, gain a cumulative +2 bonus on that check.
Modular Body Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You can install Mechanoid Grafts to yourself.
Combat Modification Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You have 2 special movements usable in combat.
Runner Modification Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You have 2 special movements usable in combat and overland.
Ground-dweller Modification Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You have 2 special movements usable when adventuring.

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