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Weight: 4,800 lbs.
Speed: 703 ft. (80 mph). As an action, the driver can activate its thrusters to double this vehicle's speed (recharge 5-6).
Carrying Capacity: 5 metric tons.

Originating from an older, cruder Sangheili design, the Revenant is one of the few vehicles produced by Merchants of Qikost and is an example of Covenant private sector innovation. It is armed with a single Class-2 Plasma Mortar, essentially a down-scaled, less powerful version of the plasma mortar mounted on the Wraith. The Revenant is more agile than most vehicles, but provides little protection for its occupants. It is 21x13x6 feet in size.

Size. Huge
AC. 15
Hit Points. 175
Damage Threshold 10
Crew and Passengers. 1 driver; 1 passenger

Type-2 Plasma Mortar: Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 500/750 ft., one target. Hit: 24 (8d6) Lightning damage. This is fired by the driver, and can not be used within 10 feet of the vehicle. Deals double damage against objects. Each attack hits all creatures within 15ft of the target. For every 5ft these “secondary targets” are away from the initial target, they take one less damage die.

A Revenant.

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