Tiamat's Draconic Temple (5e Spell)

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Tiamat's Draconic Temple
4th-level Conjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 168 hours (1 week)
Range: 240 feet
Components: V, S, M (Sticks of incense, 50 gp worth of crushed up charcoal and sulfur, and crushed up dragon bones)
Duration: Instantaneous

In an unoccupied space 240 feet in front of the caster, a large 480 foot long, 480 foot wide, 960 foot tall structure rises from beneath the Earth. The temple is partly volcanic ash and dragon bones and partly stone imbued with the dark magic of the Nine Hells. The Temple of Tiamat rises from Avernus and appears in front of the caster. The temple is a material component in the spell Tiamat's Rise of the Dragon Queen.

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