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Creating a Character[edit]

When creating a character for a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure campaign, follow the following rules in addition to typical character creation:


Generally, your race should be the Variant Human located in the Player's Handbook, the Stand User human variant, or a Rock Human. Despite the name, it is not restricted to only Stand Users.


As a world full of the supernatural, any of the traditional 5e classes can be used. Take care in selecting a paladin, sorcerer, or warlock, however, as deities and the afterlife are incredibly vague concepts in canon, and thus being able to prove their existence shouldn't be possible. However, these classes still encompass the heights of a typical extraordinary human. The Stand User, Hamon Warrior, and Sideshow classes should generally be your primary choices.


In addition to all traditional backgrounds, you may choose the Stand User background. While this goes without saying, you can also pick any homebrew backgrounds tied to the time period your campaign is set in.

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