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Spell Level
Barrier of the Four Kings of the World (5e Spell) 9th
Baryte Communion (5e Spell) cantrip
Heart of the Sea Gods (5e Spell) 7th
Hr├Žsvelgr's Glory (5e Spell) 8th
Invocation of Ate, Lord of the East (5e Spell) 9th
Invocation of Gedula, Lord of the South (5e Spell) 9th
Invocation of Markt, Lord of the North (5e Spell) 9th
Invocation of Ve, Lord of the West (5e Spell) 9th
Kelpie's Poison (5e Spell) 3rd
Lady of the Deep Water's Torrent (5e Spell) 6th
Merrow's Song (5e Spell) 2nd
Phoenix's Rebirth (5e Spell) 5th
Rotting Root Lord's Rot (5e Spell) 3rd
Salamander Communion (5e Spell) cantrip
Swarm of Harpy Talons (5e Spell) 5th
Sylph Communion (5e Spell) cantrip
Undine Communion (5e Spell) cantrip
Wheel of Fire's Blaze (5e Spell) 6th

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