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Soul Bomb
6th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: instantaneous

Your body combusts, causing you to become ethereal. Whilst in this form you are unable to attack or affect real world objects. An aura with a 25ft radius appears around your spectral form, destroying anything living that is caught in it. All creatures that start their turn in or enter the aura must make a DC19 constitution saving throw. If the creature fails their soul is torn from them and they become an undead version of themselves, with the undead creature immediately losing 75% of its remaining hp. Any undead creatures created in this way are not under the casters control and are free to act how they see fit. If the creature succeeds the save they do not lose their soul or become undead, but immediately lose 25% of their remaining hp. When the spell ends your body reforms and you must make a DC20 constitution saving throw. If you fail the throw you immediately drop to 0 hp and if you succeed you lose 50% of your remaining hp and regain a spell slot for each creature killed by soul bomb. This spell destroys any terrain that is in it's radius.

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