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There was an attempt.

{{5e Spell
|name=Soul Bomb
|casttime=1 action
|range=Self (20-foot radius)
|components=V, S
|dur=1 minute
|summary=I'm taking you with me.
Your body violently explodes with life-destroying power, turning you into a specter-like creature for the duration.  While in your specter form, you are {{5c|Invisible}}, {{5c|Petrified}}, and are immune to all damage other than psychic and force.

Any creature in a 25 foot radius of you when you cast the spell must make a {{5a|con}} save.  On a successful save, the creature takes 2d12 necrotic damage.  

On a failed save, a target takes 50 necrotic damage or damage equal to 75% of its hit points, whichever is lesser.  The creature's type changes to undead for the duration.  If the creature dies within this duration, it cannot be resurrected with any spell lower than 9th level.

At the end of the duration, you must make a DC 20 {{5a|con}} saving throw.  If you fail by 10 or more, you die outright.  If you fail by less than 10, you take 1d6 necrotic damage for each point of failure, but return to your normal form.  If you succeed, you return to your normal form and regain 2d12 hit points for each creature affected by this spell that died within its duration.

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