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Wondrous item, common

This wondrous item appears as a hollow tube about the length of a forearm, with a small funnel on one end designed to draw in a nut or other seed. Once this ammunition has been placed inside, each nut can be fired one at a time by squeezing the proper end of the tube. This causes magic force to launch out a single seed at high speed as a ranged weapon attack. You can load upwards of 30 seeds at once, but each squeeze only fires a single seed. As long as you have seeds or sling bullets to use as ammunition, this can be treated as a martial ranged weapon with the following property: ammunition (range 60/240). On a hit, the seed shooter inflicts bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 + your Dexterity modifier. The damage is not magical.

Unique to the seed shooter is that any projectile fired from it temporarily gains the ability to bounce off walls, floors, or other hard surfaces. Any projectile bounces off at an angle almost identical to the angle it hit the object (similar to a modern tennis ball). The projectile will continue to bounce until it has bounced thrice, or reached the end of its trajectory. This can enable you to shoot the weapon off walls or around corners, though there still must be a clear line of trajectory to do so. For example, you could bounce a seed off a wall to hit a target behind cover—but could not hit a target behind cover if there are no walls or other surfaces off which your projectile could bounce. If you make an attack that requires at least one bounce to hit, you have disadvantage on the attack roll.

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