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The End

The world was rich, beautiful, and tranquil. Both reason and human empathy had taken root in what was a golden age of miracles. The fruit of rationality bore an abundant harvest. The world’s population was captivated with the gifts its ingenuity had granted them.

Vastly removed from the universe we knew slept a distant place empty of light and lucidity. What we now call “The Dark” It’s tenebrous corners...hungry; eager to stalk and torment and consume. And, it would seem, the Dark was not distant enough.

History does not accurately measure, but most agree, the Visitation lasted more than a century. In the first hour alone, more than one billion people perished, their lives exterminated by inexpressible horrors that vomited out of space and time. Skies blacked with writhing atrocities while smoldering, mountainous abominations shambled across the landscape, leveling emptied cities. Aberrant beings surged from the oceans. The Strangers appeared everywhere; decimating, defiling, and devouring.

Out of a world population of more than nine billion people, less than twelve million survived the Visitation.

The human soul, by nature, is composed of eight distinct components. When violently killed, these eight portions enter the verge of dream as distinct spirits. In one hour, more than ten billion of these spirits flooded the Verge, changing its essence, and the metaphysical structure of the world it connected to Dream.

The altered dream-verge acted as a barrier to most spirits, but a doorway to others. Many of the spirits that would have used it as a passage to regions deeper in Dream were now trapped in the Verge. But, from deep in dream, god-like spirits emerged and physically manifested in this world. Rune, Monolith, and Sanctuary.

After more than a century of horror, most of the strangers left, destroyed each other, or were driven off by Rune and Sanctuary.

No living person dare suggest (with tremulous voices scarcely held in check) that their lives have not been touched by tempestuous histories; events whose repercussions are felt today, more than four thousand years later.

Martene the Cynic, formerly of Breeshaun
4137 (a.s.)


The Eternal Provinces

The Evanescent Realm
The material world we, as people, are most familiar with. Unfortunately for its inhabitants, this realm also acts as a crossover point between The Dark and The Dream: a means for beings of those very separate realms to interact.
The Verge of Dreams
The Dream
The realm of spirits. A psychic realm where spirits coalesce, mature, and, in the fullness of time, discorporate back into misty formlessness. While removed from the material realm, The Dream has enormous influence upon it as the source of all souls, magic, and dreams.
The Dark
In many ways, the inverse of The Dream. The very nature of The Dark is, by turns, baffling, terrifying, and maddening. The realm itself seems possessed of a ravenous hunger. And its inhabitants are driven by unfathomable urges to defile and consume.

Gods and Strangers

From the Dream
From the Dark
From the Verge


“The lakes region”. Ezers Rhaime includes several nations and small city states. It is fairly mountainous and contains several large lakes, four great lakes, numerous rivers, and vast, pine forests.


Significant periods and events in the Sanctuary's Lot setting




Dungeon Master's Enchiridion[edit]

Player's Instruction[edit]


The Ezers Rhaime campaign in the Sanctuary's Lot setting only uses three character classes by default:

the Assassin, Thief, and the new rogue archetype: Mediator are used in this setting
all monastic traditions are appropriate for this campaign
In the Sanctuary's Lot setting the Magician, represented by the warlock class, employs several unique pacts including: Servants of the Moon, The Wheel, and The Starry Night. Additionally, the "Great Old One" pact is appropriate for this setting.


Player Races[edit]

Representing those people unchanged by events of The Visitation. Also, the largest populations, by far.
Descended from humans haunted by spirits representing the human conscience. And, in their own way, embodiments of light and clarity.
A race of blue-skinned humanoids created by a powerful magician some eight centuries ago. As their progenitors were mystically wrought, sacians enjoy a kinship with The Dream (the source of mortal magic).
Distantly related to the old shoremen; coastal populations who were stolen by ocean-dwelling Strangers, and returned as defiled monsters. The lakemen still bear the marks of their horrid ancestry, and a strong affinity to water.


Most simple melee and ranged weapons (from the PHB) are quite common. Martial weapons are a rarer with the exception of fencing weapons, crossbows, and the whip (which are ubiquitous). Older firearms can still be encountered, particularly on the outskirts, borderlands, and the frontier.


a listing of magical spells unique to the Sanctuary's Lot setting
new invocations created for Sanctuary's Lot

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