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Alignment. Neutral
Domains. Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Aniath is one of the Dark Powers from the Sanctuary's Lot Setting.

Aniath is considered to the least baleful of the gods from the dark.

She accepts sacrifices to grant her priests the power to drive away Strangers and their servants. A service greatly valued, particularly in smaller or isolated communities. As such, Eniath's dark priests are the only agents of the dark powers that operate openly in civil society.

The sacrifices she accepts come in the form of: weeks of prayer, lost memories, eleven ounces of human flesh, burned offerings of crops or valuable books, seven pints of blood, any five magical potions, or a human child.

While her priests have established churches and permanent residences, they do not act entirely unmolested. The followers of Rune seek out the followers of Aniath (and any other of the dark powers) and attack without provocation or concern for consequences.

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