Laurrott of the Bleeding Skies (5e Deity)

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Laurrott of the Bleeding Skies[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Tempest
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Laurrott of the Bleeding Skies is one of the Dark Powers from the Sanctuary's Lot Setting.

Laurrott appears as an enormous, floating, worm-like horror surrounded by churning storm-clouds. An entirely faceless, cylindrical leviathan with a long shaggy mat of hanging tendrils beneath her. An unceasing cascade of a reddish-brown gel and pieces of her skin rain below.

The detritus she expels causes delusions, severe memory loss, sickness, and mutation; constantly creating repugnant monsters from her victims. Laurrott is worshiped by her spawn, people and creatures infected by her excretions, and anything unfortunate enough to eat her flesh. Many victims will bloat up, becoming flying abominations, chasing after their mistress to be consumed by her.

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