Purge Evil or Good (5e Spell)

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Purge Evil or Good
9th-level Enchantment
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, M (Either an item the target remembers fondly, such as a childhood memento, or a container with some of the target's blood, such as a Lich's phylactery. A creature that is Unaligned or has no alignment cannot be affected by this spell.)
Duration: Special

Design Note: This spell uses the Enhanced Existence Magic Overhaul homebrew ruleset. As a result, it is meant to be 10th level magic, and is both Enchantment and Abjuration magic. See the ruleset for clarification on what that means before calling the spell overpowered. Please?

(Hold Value 7)

The play to end all plays. When you hold the component of choice within the view of the single target the spell affects and speak aloud in the spell's words, your magic attempts to completely rend the soul of the target of its recent life choices. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw, if it fails its alignment changes to the caster's, changing the target completely down to the core of its being. The way it sees the world abruptly changes, including what it thinks about its own memories and experiences. When it first fails this initial save, it spends a minute Stunned recollecting itself from the incredible disorientation of this altered perspective. Every month after it fails the initial save, the target may reattempt the save, ending the effect on a success. After 3 fails, the change is permanent. Any caster of the same alignment as the original (Including the original caster) can cast the spell again without material components as a 9th level spell, also making the effect permanent. A Wish spell can undo this effect, but the caster of the Wish spell can no longer use Wish ever again. A deity can also end this effect and avoid the consequences of doing so for the obvious reason of being a deity.

A Variant version of this spell can exist as well that is called Purge Evil AND Good, with the appropriate difference. It destroys the alignment of the creature, making them True Neutral, and unwilling to continue whatever they were doing as their concern changes to simply surviving. It is otherwise identical to the above spell. Only one version should exist in the campaign.

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