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Weapon (Dagger), Rare

This dagger has a black blade with a silver lining at it's edge and a dark purple glow that makes people who stare into it a little unsettled.

Legendary Charges You have a charge amount equal to your {Str} modifier + half your character level. You regain these charges at the end of a long rest.

"URYAAA!!!" You may use 2 charges to enter a state of body where your body feels a little lighter. Your maximum movement speed increases by 15 for 2 rounds, ending at your 3rd turn. This effect stops if you are hit or you hit someone else.

You're pathetic You may use 3 charges to throw your dagger at a target and paralyze them. The target must make a 12+ your {Con} modifier + your {Str} modifier

Rather lose an eye than bow to you, bitch For 3 charges, when you are knocked prone, you can, as a reaction, kick someone 5 feet away from you and launch them 5 feet away.

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