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1st-level Abjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action
Range: touch
Components: V, S, M (some ink)
Duration: Instantaneous

You touch something that you own and mark it. A small mark or image of your choice appears on the item wherever you desire. The mark can not be similar to something that already indicates a particular person or organization if you are not a part of it, such as a Noble signet or a Royal seal. You are instinctively aware of where the mark is if it is within 30ft. If a creature touches the mark they learn the chosen name and a single distinct identifying feature of the item's owner that may be decided while casting. You cannot lie about your name or the identifying feature while casting this spell, but you can use a nickname as long as it is a known one.

If the item is removed from your possession from where or with whom you left it, you are alerted to it's new position once a minute for 10 minutes as long as it remains on the same plane as the mark's owner. You can additionally cast this spell on yourself to manually trigger the tracking effect on your marked items. Casting this as a ritual on yourself allows you to hold the tracking for up to an hour with concentration, and reduces the delay between location alerts to 6 seconds. The tracking effect does not have any visible effects unless Detect Magic or a similar spell is used.

You can pass ownership and the effects of this spell onto a willing creature that you can touch by casting the spell a second time on an item that already has a mark. They may choose a new mark, but a miniature version of the caster's mark will appear beside the new mark. The miniature mark retains only the name of the owner, and the manual tracking ability with a limited range of a mile.

A creature can have their mark on as many items as their level with the full tracking effect. They may additionally mark as many items equal to twice their level without the automatic tracking effect, and an additional amount of items equal to their three times their level with no tracking effect. If the owner of the mark does not know this spell, their limits are halved. These lists are not inclusive of each other and are based on the owner of the item rather than the caster.

The spell ends and the mark is erased if the item moves more than a mile from mark's owner for longer than a week. The separation time for an item granted to someone else is only a day. The mark may be forcibly removed with Dispel Magic or if it enters an anti-magic field. It can also be willingly dispelled by the caster with an action. There is no other way to remove the mark.

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