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The Savage Races[edit]

Unlike Men and Elves, the Kin are a collection of different races not based on their common ancestors or any level of genetic similarity, but rather on their bestial features and uncivilized ways. In it is not uncommon, then, for others to use the word used to categorize these races as an insult to others. The Kin races are typically tribal, feral, or nomadic; Sometimes, even all of the above. While there are plenty of exceptions in the world, the greatest majority are known for these traits, as well as their animalistic features and personalities. The Kin include the following races:

While these are the most numerous of the Kin races, and the ones that frequent the society of others, almost any type of sentient, monstrous humanoid or similar creature is usually considered to be a type of Kin. This includes creatures such as Centaurs, Gargoyles, and other monstrous races that can uncommonly be found in the company of the fairer and more civilized races.

Most outsiders, despite their distinctly different appearances, are not considered to be Kin; They are considered in a class all their own, but one that is not formally or informally referred to in common tongue. Those who are knowledgeable enough to know what they are simply call them outsiders.

Sometimes, the planetouched or mixed races, such as Genasi or Kaori for example, are called Kin. This is usually in reference to their nature as undesirable, rather than because a classification existed for half-bloods - even Half-Elves are referred to as such, despite being both man and elf.

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