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The Races of Men[edit]

Several races of humanoids in Tirr are referred to as Men, in a broad manner of speaking, and are generally assumed to have a common ancestor, as opposed to the Elves and Kin of the world. Most of these races have the Humanoid type, and their various kingdoms and republics tend to dominate the surface world of Tirr. The races of men include the following:

The races of man are typically very ambitious although some are also short-lived. While humans are generally one of the most dominant races in the world, ruling most of the various nations that dot the surface, all races of men typically enjoy civilization and the order that society brings.

With some exceptions, the races of men, especially humans, are highly adaptable, and can adjust to a variety of circumstances and environments with remarkable ability. Some, with humans being of note once more, are even able to sire or bear offspring from other races that would generally not be genetically compatible, leading to mixed races such as the Genasi and other plane-touched races, as well as Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Half-Giants, and Kaori.

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