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The Elven People[edit]

Much like Men, there are several races in Tirr that are considered to be Elves, although they typically refer to themselves formally as Edhel, and informally, as the Gwaith. While outsiders unfamiliar with the intricacies of the elven language may simply call them Elves, all of the words have roughly the same meaning, albeit with different connotations. Elves are less diverse than Men or Kin, but still have quite a few different races that share the distinct name:

While there used to be many elven kingdoms, most have been pushed back by war, or have been subsumed by the greater elven nation of Volare. While elves can and do often live elsewhere, they do not have many places that their race can call their own like Volare. Much worse, given Volare's isolationist tendencies and disdain toward outsiders, as well as the purported supremacy of elves that many volari espouse, relations with neighboring powers are often tense, at best.

Sometimes, outsider races can mistake Fey as a type of elf (although this is sometimes an easy mistake when encountering nymphs and the like). This is untrue, as Fey are instead Kin.

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