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Graatel is a gritty, realistic world setting that has been worked on for many years. It has an extensive economy, landscape, political, social and military enviroment. The history has a few fixed points, but overall it is carved out by the individuals who play my games.

This supplement for the D&D game presents the variant rules and setup needed in order to make Graatel a fun and entertaining place to adventure.




Chapter 1: Character Creation


Chapter 2: Class Selection

Class Options
Physical Damage Class Groups
Support Style Class Groups
Magical Class Groups
Psionic Class Groups

Chapter 3: Rounding out a Character

Base Attack Bonus

Chapter 4: Landscapes by Continent

Aruna Continent Landscapes
Droos Continent Landscapes
Kel'Dei Islands Landscapes
Morderan Continent Landscapes
Faalden Continent Landscapes
Traven Continent Landscapes
Non-Continental Land Masses

Chapter 5: Economics

Aruna Continent Economic System
Droos Continent Economic System
Kel'Dei Islands Economic System
Morderan Continent Economic System
Faalden Continent Economic System
Traven Continent Economic System
Inter-Continental Trade

Chapter 6: Deities and Religions

Over Deities
Human Deities
Elven Deities
Dwarven Deities
Gnomish Deities
Halfling Deities
Orc Deities
Giant Deities
Draconic Deities
Good Deities
Evil Deities

Chapter 7: Politics

Aruna Continent Politics
Droos Continent Politics
Kel'Dei Islands Politics
Morderan Continent Politics
Faalden Continent Politics
Traven Continent Politics
Inter-Continental Politics

Chapter 8: History

The Dawning Age
The Golden Age
The Fall
The Age of Power
The Age of Strife
The Age of Recovery
The Age of Withdrawal

Chapter 9: Divine Magic

Domain Spells
Spell Focus
Spells by Level Required
Spells by First Name

Chapter 10: Arcane Magic

School Specialization
Spells by Level
Spells by First Name

Chapter 11: DM Notes

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