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9th-level Illusion
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Self (15 foot cube)
Components: V (Must sacrifice 50,000 gold equivalent rare gem or metal; if the player does not have this, they sacrifice 5 points of Wisdom and Constitution.)
Duration: Instantaneous

By reciting a passage from an old, forgotten text, every humanoid with a 15-foot cube centered on the caster is rendered Unconscious. They then must roll a Wisdom save the first round they are asleep and every other round after that; if the humanoid's Wisdom is less than 16, it automatically fails this save. If a creature succeeds this save, it wakes up. Affected creatures which fail their save take 2d4 psychic damage per hour while unconscious, in addition to 2d4 Psychic damage immediately when affected.

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