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Delta Divide
5th-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 Round
Range: Two unoccupied spaces within 5 feet allowing a triangle to be formed with the caster.
Components: V,S,M (a single point of the caster's health must be given to each copy made (2 total points)
Duration: 8 hours

Two copies of yourself are created to fight for you

When cast, two indistinguishable copies of your character are formed within reach of you. Your character can choose to either stay in their current space, or choose to occupy a space where a copy would be created and have the copy occupy the character's original space. Only the caster has knowledge of which two are the copies and which is the player. The copies have the same stats, skills, and abilities of the caster. The inventory of the caster can be divided up as the caster sees fit upon the spell's casting; regardless of how the inventory is divided, those who do not have it will obtain a fake copy of the item(s) with the same properties. The inventory of the copies will be an exact duplicate of what the caster had before creation, including anything they might have had equipped, which will all disappear once the respective copy disappears unless the caster gave them an item upon creation, if any. If the copies take any damage, they immediately fade from existence, unable to be saved or healed by any means, be it magical or non-magical. If a copy picks up any items and its hit points are reduced to 0, then all items it picked up are dropped immediately in the space the copy last existed. A copy can cast spells, even if a spell slot is required. Before Delta Divide is cast, the caster can choose to divide up its spell slots, giving some to one copy, to both copies, all to the copies, keeping all of the spell slots with the caster, etc. Any spell slots not used by a copy upon its health falling to 0 are unusable by either the other copy or by the caster and act as though they were used up (still recoverable by taking a long rest, etc.). If the caster is knocked unconscious or dies, then the copies immediately vanish regardless of their current state. The copies can be given temporary hit points in addition to their singular hit point. They can also be given inspiration dice via the bard or through other means. When rolling for initiative, the player can either choose for the copies and caster's rolls to be separate, or have the copies and caster roll and take their turn all at the same time. If the player chooses for each of them to roll, this decision must be stated before the roll is made. If the copies are created during combat, they go during the same turn as the caster and can go before, after, or both before and after the caster.

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