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Tiny beast, unaligned

Armor Class 11
Hit Points 4 (3d4 - 3)
Speed 25 ft., fly 15 ft.

14 (+2) 12 (+1) 8 (-1) 2 (-4) 12 (+1) 4 (-3)

Skills Athletics +4
Proficiency Bonus +2
Damage Immunities damage from falling
Senses passive Perception 11
Challenge 1/8 (25 XP)

Pack Tactics. The cucco has advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one of the cucco's allies is within 5 feet of the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated.

Gliding Flight. At beginning of each round as the cucco is flying, it falls 5 feet. If the cucco is lifting more than its carrying capacity (105 pounds), but not more than it can lift (210 pounds), it falls 15 feet per round instead. If the cucco is attempting to carry more weight than it can lift, it falls 60 feet per round, similar to feather fall. The cucco will drop anything heavier than 420 pounds. The cucco cannot gain height with its flight unless it is carrying nothing.


Peck. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 4 (1d4 + 2) piercing damage.


Not many a fowl is so prolific in the Light World as the humble cucco. Apparently, they were originally from Termina, but these birds have spread far and wide throughout most of the known world. They are most commonly found in hylian farms, ranches, and small settlements on the Hyrule and Termina continents. People usually raise cuccos for the hearty eggs they produce, although plenty of individuals simply keep them as pets.

Surprisingly Strong. Cuccos are remarkably powerful for their small frame, able to carry more than a hundred pounds, even if only temporarily. No one is quite sure how they manage this.

Vengeful Flock. Cuccos live in large family groups known as flocks. While normally peaceful and cowardly, they can quickly become dangerous in great numbers. If a cucco is under attack by a predator, it will call out to its feathery brethren to attack the assailant. As if from nowhere, dozens of cuccos will appear and descend on the unlucky foe.

A young hylian girl holding a cucco.

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