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Create Horror Knight
5th-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 24 hours
Range: Self (20-foot cube)
Components: 1800gp worth in materials including the heart of a large beast, powdered gemstone (ruby), enchanted thread, leather bindings and a suit of custom-built armor, all of which the spell consumes
Duration: Instantaneous

You create an undead follower of increased strength and martial prowess. The Horror Knight is a large undead, encased in plate armor and fueled with refined necrotic energy. Capable of far more than a standard zombie, or skeleton. The horror knight, despite its name, is solely defined by its creator's alignment and, as such, will share their creator's ideals and alignment. The horror knight possesses enhanced strength and constitution compared to standard undead, can act independently from its creator if need be, and can speak in simple sentences, usually with their mannerisms derived from those of their own creator as well.

The horror knight can wield any weapon it takes up with an increased proficiency and zeal. While it's armor is actually part of its own body, which requires it's spirit be dismissed before any changes can be made. While if the caster wishes to set the knight aside, they may dismiss the knight's spirit, causing it to fall into a dormant state. Requiring the caster to perform a three-hour ritual, to pull the knight's spirit back into service.

In the event that the horror knight is killed, the caster will need to either repair or even replace the body of the Knight and perform the ritual once more. With time subtracted for how much of the original body that the caster is in possession of.

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