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Create Construct
2nd-level Conjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 20 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (at least 10g, incense and charcoal, one metallic pot of any sort, bone dust, object(s) that the DM agrees are reasonable for creating a construct.)
Duration: Instantaneous

Target one suit of armor, statue, pile of rocks, or similar target, given that the DM agrees a golem could be made using it as a body. Burn the incense with the charcoal in the pot, and let the smoke fill the air around it. Pour the powdered bone into the pot, followed by all of the gold and valuables, then chant an incantation. All materials are consumed by the spell, other than the pot. Gemstones, enchanted items, or other valuables are a reasonable substitute for gold, if a large amount of gold is not readily available. A pile of bones can be targeted with this spell, but it will not technically be considered undead, and will not be sensed by spells or abilities such as Detect Evil, unless constructs are mentioned specifically in those spells.

Immediately, the construct will stand on its feet, and await orders. The construct can follow orders, but if its intelligence is too low, it may misunderstand the intention behind certain phrases. The construct can communicate with you telepathically if its intelligence is above 6 and it is within 100 ft.

The nature of the construct will be determined between yourself and the DM, and its statistics will vary based on the type of construct created, the amount of gold sacrificed, and the target chosen.

If the chosen target is a suit of armor, for example, but only 10 gold is sacrificed, the construct will become an Animated Armor. If the suit of armor is enchanted, however, or a more substantial amount of gold is sacrificed, a Helmed Horror or Shield Guardian will be produced. If a particularly large amount of valuables are sacrificed, and the suit of armor is particularly large and high-quality, an Iron Golem will be produced. If an insubstantial amount of gold is produced for the target, the spell will fail. Due to this, a short out-of-character dialogue with the DM may be necessary when creating particularly high-level constructs with heavy sacrifices, such as Iron Golems.

The DM can prepare the stats of the produced construct by rolling them or by choice, if suitable statistics do not already exist. If suitable statistics do exist, the construct will be able to perform actions that constructs of that type would know. For example, a Shield Guardian produced by this spell would be able to use Regeneration.

The construct rolls for its own initiative, and you can spend your action ordering it any command. If the construct reaches 0 hit points, it collapses onto the ground, and the spell must be reperformed. Any enchanted items used will remain enchanted, and clatter to the ground. You can only produce one construct at a time, but you can dismiss them at any time verbally. By default, they will simply follow you around and defend themselves against hostile enemies unless instructed to do otherwise.

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