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Wondrous item, rare

This wondrous item appears similar to a gauntlet, albeit in place of fingers it features a trio of grasping metallic claws. It is operated by inserting your hand into the hole opposite the claws, and grasping a trigger-like handle. You can activate the clawshot by aiming the device and pulling the trigger, as an action. Once activated, the claw shoots from the gauntlet at high speed, connected by a magical chain that extends out to a range of 50 feet. If the claw reaches the end of the chain's length, the chain and claw retract almost instantly.

If the claw hits an object or creature, it will also retract almost instantly. Hitting a specific object or creature requires a ranged attack roll. You do not add your proficiency bonus to this attack roll, unless you have proficiency with the clawshot specifically.

If the claw hits an object it can firmly grasp, such as an iron grating or a tree branch, it will grasp hold of the object before retracting. The claw will release if it attempts to pull an object more than 500 pounds, or if it returns all the way to its holster. If you use the claw and weigh less than 500 pounds, you can use it to rapidly travel or soar to hard-to-reach areas by using the claw to grasp hold of objects heavier than you. Regardless of your weight, you can also use the clawshot to draw lighter objects towards you.

If the claw hits a creature, the target takes nonmagical piercing damage equal to 1d4 + your Dexterity modifier. Subject to GM discretion, the claw may be able to grasp the creature or an object on its body, thereby causing you to be pulled to it or vice versa. If the claw does grasp hold of a creature, it takes no damage.

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