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Automail Limbs[edit]

Wondrous item, uncommon

Created not by magic but by craftsmanship of the highest caliber. Automail is a word used to describe mechanisms used primarily to make limbs for those who lost them, whether it be war, accident or forced amputation. Automail limbs are able to replace the missing limb near flawlessly provided on the quality. The downside however is the weight and lack of feeling in the specific limb. To achieve the use of these limbs however, the mechanisms are linked directly to the muscle tissues and nerves where the limbs used to be; as a result connecting and disconnect this limb from its base causes temporary and crippling pain.

Many variants of Automail exist, not all with the primary shape of a limb. There has been known to be automated sawblades and even gun barrels built into them on extreme occasions. Due to fine craftsman ship it never rusts and infrequently requires repairs unless damaged badly. Users of automail tend to carry basic repair tools and have a grasp on maintenance for their limbs.

Arm: Grants +1 to unarmed damage rolls made with the limb. Grants -1 to swim checks made while wearing due to weight. Grants +2 to athletic checks using this limb.

Leg: Grants +2 to unarmed damage rolls made with the limb. Grants -2 to swim checks made while wearing due to weight. Grants +2 to athletic checks using this limb.

The athletics bonuses stack per each limb in the category, etc. if both arms are automail, this will result in a +4 athletics bonus when using their arms.

The Negative for swim checks are cumulative for each limb.

Rare augments:

Hidden compartment: Compartment hidden within the limb that is capable of holding a scroll or dagger sized object. Rarity: uncommon

Hidden blade: Blade usually hidden within the forearm or heel of the automail, capable of being enchanted. 1d6 slashing or piercing damage. Rarity: rare

Hidden barrel: Automail limb possess a barrel capable of firing one projectile. Range and damage very on the projectile it is built around. Rarity: Very rare.

Mythril base: Due to the light weight of the material used, the negatives opposed by the weight of automail are negated, however this negates the additional damage as well. Rarity: Very rare.

Compression Spring: Legs only and requires both automail legs; high grade springs have been built into the legs resulting in a + 10ft movement speed bonus. Rarity: Very rare

Utility Finger: Arms only: Installed in multiple fingers are separate tools for the convenience of the user. Tools that may be included thieves tools and tinkers tools. Rarity: Very rare


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