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Assault Bow

Superior Ranged Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Assault Bow +2 1d12 25/50 80gp 11lb Bow Switch,Jam
- Spear Mode +2 1d8 - - Spear Versatile, Defensive, Switch, Jam

On the roll of a natural 1 the complex workings of the assualt bow jams and the bow stops working. The jam can be cleared by spending a Standard Action to reset the machinery.

Using a Minor action the user can switch the weapon between Spear mode and Greatbow mode. When the weapon is drawn the user draws it into one of it's two modes

a complex mechanical weapon used deep in the mountains for hunting great and terrifying beasts. The weapon has two modes which can be switched between as needed to help deal with those gigantic monsters. While in spear mode it uses its giant arrows as a speartip to gain charge by striking the enemy. Once charged the arrow is stored in the quiver and replace with an uncharged one. Overcharging an arrow destroys is so care has to be taken in when and where you strike. Once enough arrows have been amassed The user switches the weapon into greatbow mode and then proceeds to fire the charged arrows for great effect. (un-charged arrows can be fired but why would you?) Some models of Assault Bow come with an overcharging system where they can condense 5 + arrows worth of charge into a single supercharged arrow. Assault bow can come in a variety of flavors and use crystalline flasks built into the bow, and quiver to store charge. These flasks can be customized and while the generic flasks merely add physical damage other types can add elemental damage or even status effects. An Assault bows use is much more complex than most weapons thus grants a series of custom actions and due to its nature is not available in unenchanted forms.

This weapon is intended to be used enchanted see examples in magic items e.g.Assault Bow (Phial:force) or Assault Bow (Phial:Frost) . Default models in include Elemental Phials(frost,acid ect..),Force Phials, radiant Phials and Necrotic Phials. Select models inflict status when charged at the expense of damage

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