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Classes which are variants or mashups of the sorcerer core class - an internally (sometimes externally) powered caster, usually with a spell slot table, and often with something like sorcery points.

Sorcerer Variant Classes[edit]

Classes which are variants of the Sorcerer class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Aquamancer Powerful magic wielders, specializing in the element of water. full
Belly Dancer An agile, stealthy fighter who prefers the shadows to confrontation.
Blue Mage A blue mage specializes in hunting monsters and absorbing part of their essence to learn new spells. Through their power of observation they can analyze the essences of monsters and spellcasters to mimic their spells and abilities.
Curseslinger A spellcaster who can add ruinous effects to their own spells. full
Draconic Descendant, 2nd Variant Those whose ancestry can be traced back directly to the dragons, similar to sorcerers, but unlike sorcerers who use their ancestry for magic the Draconic Descendant uses it for strength. Warriors whose skin is as hard as armor and who's teeth are as sharp as daggers.
Dragon Mage Spellcasters who infuse their bodies with dragon blood.
Gri-Gri Mystic (Wokan) A primitive casting class, able to learn casting spells through sacrifice, spellbooks or scrolls, or by being taught. full
Mage Mages are spellcasters that often don't have the time or patience to prepare spells every day but lack the innate abilities of a sorcerer. full
Shaman (Warcraft) Shamans understand and can connect with the Elemental energies of our world, focusing this energy through both totems, and weapons/spells with impressive results. full
Sorcerer, Elemental Variant An altered sorcerer, more in tune with elemental magic. full
Spectrum Mage Mages who specialize in the lesser used arcane magic to great effectiveness.

Sorcerer Mashup Classes[edit]

Classes which are mashups partly inspired by the Sorcerer class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Arcane Warrior Arcane warriors are durable melee fighters who have potent spellcasting abilities. full
Battlemage, Variant A magic-wielding combatant that uses the weave of raw arcane energy to enhance their martial capabilities half
Battlemage Mages who uses arcane magic to augment their martial prowess. half
Black Knight half
Blade Mage Magical warriors who enhance their combat abilities half
Bone Collector Memory of the party, connections to past encounters, takes on the big bad, animates skeletons. full
Elemental Adept An Elemental Adept uses the four elements to subdue their foes in combat, defending civilized regions from evils city folk can't begin to comprehend. full
Elemental Caster A person using pure energy from one of the Elemental Planes. full
Elemental Shaman A potent half-caster who draws power from the inner planes, summoning elemental spirits into totems and dynamically converting magical energy into various primordial powers. half
Elemental Slinger full
Frost Bringer One touched by the the Plane of Ice, bound with great power
Gifted Warrior full
Gri-Gri Mystic (Wokan) A primitive casting class, able to learn casting spells through sacrifice, spellbooks or scrolls, or by being taught. full
Grimoire Summoner Chosen by a magical Grimoire, the user harnesses it's power to summon a Guardian Beast to wreak havoc on the battlefield.
Hermetic Mage Hermetic Mages dont cast many powerful spells, but their versatility more than makes up for it.
Keeper A Keeper is someone who is followed by powerful life magic wherever they go, and they must choose how to manifest it.
Mage, Variant A caster of arcane magic, used by wise scholars and chaotic enigmas alike. They are capable of prodigious potential and great change. full
Manipulator A bard-like spell caster focused more on manipulation rather than music full
Manus Magister "Manus", meaning "Hands", and "Magister", meaning "Mage" or "Master", the Manus Magister is a certain type of wizard that has mastered a peculiar and rare technique of magic, the so-called "hand mage". half
Marrow Knight Individuals with special armor made of their own bones which grants them a variety of magical abilities. half
Master Puppeteer A person who uses a puppet as a tool to amplify their abilites. half
Mechromancer, Variant An individual who through some experiment was partially converted to machine and as a result, seeks to fully complete the conversion
Psion, Variant Psions are the quintessential manipulators of psionic power. full
Scalekin Dormant power that awakens into a battle-ready dragon form. third
Shadow Assassin A assassin which can use dark magic from the shadowfell.
Storm Razer As a Storm Razer, you gain the following features: half
Taoist Warrior Spiritual warriors who find a balance between serenity and chaos in both war and magic. half
Water Bender, Variant Water Benders have strong family ties and even stronger bending techniques.

Incomplete Sorcerer Classes[edit]

Incomplete Classes which are variants of the Sorcerer class or which are mashups inspired by the Sorcerer class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Ali'di Crystal Mage The Ali'di are masters of utilizing crystals to enhance natural magical abilities, and now you are too. Your skills lie in the resonance of a specific type of crystal that pulses with energy.
Ancient Soul, Intelligence Variant An arcane user that puts magic into melee combat. full
Arcane Warrior, Variant Arcane warriors are durable melee fighters who use their spellcasting abilities to amplify their capabilities. half
Astral Sorcerer full
Battle Mage As a battle mage, you gain the following class features. full
Beast Conjurer A spellcaster specialized in conjuring animals for help. full
Bladecaster A martial warrior who wields arcane power to augment his own prowess half
Demon Hunter, Variant A demon hunter that has made a pact with a devil or vengeful angel to exterminate demons.
Destiny Warlock, variant half
Dragon Riders of Alagaesia half
Elemental Mage, Variant full
Elemental Master At level one, choose a subclass. This will determine which element you are connected to.
Empath As an Empath, emotions are your power. The ability to mold and manipulate the feelings of others make you who you are. Allies can be bolstered, foes can be weakened, and even your most hateful enemies can be brought to their knees in worship of your greatness. As an Empath, you can see both the best and worst in people - their true character is laid out before you. Be careful with those you keep close - no one with an Empath as a companion will be free of their emotional influence. full
Enchanter Powerful supportive roles in the group that prefer to aid their allies rather than fighting on their own. full
Health Mage
Hiemalis [hi.ɛˈmaː.lɪs] latin, adjective = winter time/rainy season, stormy, wintry (Weapon focused spell caster centered around ice, water and lightning, with a summon.)
Information Mage full
Linkrell A Keeper of Secrets, one protected by their Guardian and their arcane knowledge. full
Mage, 2nd Variant As a Mage you gain the following class features full
Magi The magi are hermits that infuse arcane energies into themselves, powering their bodies and achieving greater heights. full
Monochromancer Harness the forces of light and darkness to shift the battle in your favor. full
Nephilim Chosen Champion of a Celestial or Demon. full
Plane Controller Controller and defender of the planes. full
Random Dice A Dice Caster rarely ever combats their opponents. Only through the power of their dice will they prevail.
Shaman, WoW Variant half
Slugslinger half
Snake Charmer Use soothing music to make snakes bend at your will. Summon snakes from pocket dimensions to aid you in battle. full
Spirit Smith Using the spirit of your enemies as material components for spells and items, improving both defense and offense, and much more!
That Guy That Guy. third
The CardSlinger
The Defect The Defect practices ancient forms of combat, allowing the manipulation of raw magical energy in the form of Orbs. half
The Ironclad Soldiers with demonic strength
The Silent (Slay the Spire Class) A deadly group of hunters and huntresses from the foglands.
Tychomancer A spellcaster that manipulates luck. full
Vampire, Seraph 2nd Variant Vampiric things

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