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5e Racial Classes[edit]

Classes specific to races and classes that are also races.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Angel Paragon
Cannibal Ghoul
Chocobo Knight mounted combat specialist half
Deadly Sin Who decided that? I am the one who decides such things. half
Demi-Fiend A mortal gifted with power by a demonic sponsor who gains the ability to summon allies that range from angels, demons, beasts, and normal beings.
Demigod Half God half Humanoid half
Demon King The Demon King rules over fiends and uses their power to cause havoc on the material plane. half
Ditto, Variant An enigmatic being with the ability to transform into a variety of other creatures.
Ditto An enigmatic being with the ability to transform into a variety of other creatures.
Drow Paragon
Duelle The perfect companions for solitary fighters. A fairy or other tiny creature that can handle most non-combat situations that fighters handle poorly. full
Elf Paragon
Fallen Divinity
Hollow Knight Become a Hollow Knight in D&D 5e!
Human Paragon
Illithid Sometimes known as Mind Flayers, if you want to play as an Illithid, you have to choose this class.
Intelligent Ooze
Lycanthrope, Variant Half thinking creature. Half feral beast. One hundred percent mean.
Mindflayer This class isn't made for heavy damage tanking or speed, this is made for the cunning mastermind player that won't stop at anything until everyone is his minion.
Mipha's Chosen
Nano Spider If you ever wanted to be Spider-Man but with the ability to control nanobots, well then this is the class for you.
Night Walker
Paragon Exemplars and prime specimens of their race, paragons are the true expression of a particular people.
Predator Deadly,Strong,and stealthy
Scalekin Dormant power that awakens into a battle-ready dragon form. third
Sentient Weapon, variant An animated, sentient weapon
Sentient Weapon An animated, sentient weapon
Sentinel Construct A humanoid soul, wiped of memory, bound to a body of steel and wood. Possesses a single eye lens crafted out of a gemstone, around which its abilities and strengths are based
Series 800 Terminator A dangerous mechanical assassin built in the future by the rogue AI 'Skynet'.
Sheikah Attack with a flurry of blows to deal maximum damage.
Tiefling Paragon
Vampire, 5th Variant full
Vampire, 6th Variant You were once alive, but now this blessed curse rules your life. half
Vampire, Seraph Variant Extremely Powerful, dangerous people, with a strange thirst for blood.
Vampire, Variant Once living, you now find your life a constant fight against the gnawing hunger inside of you.
Vampire (Strains)
Vampire Lord, Variant Ancient Vampires of great power and influence.
Vampire Lord Ancient Vampires of great power and influence.
Wendigo The Wendigo is seen as the embodiment of gluttony, greed, and excess: never satisfied after killing and consuming one person, they are constantly searching for new victims.
YoRHa Troop Soldiers for the Glory of Mankind

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