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Weapon (katana and crossbow, light), legendary (Requires attunement by a creature of good or neutral alignment.)

Wilt is a katana with a crimson blade, a jet black handle and a black guard with a silver stripe running through it. Bloom is black a sheath that has a crossbow with a small cartridge near at the end of the mouth, and when Wilt is unsheathed you can use Bloom as a ranged and bludgeoning weapon.

Wilt deals 1d12 slashing damage and an additional 1d6 if the target is a slave owner or driver. Any creature attuned to Wilt has advantage on Intimidation and Perception checks while it is unsheathed.

Bloom deals 2d6 piercing damage and can be used as a blunt weapon to deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage. Bloom must be loaded in order to fire. It can take any type of crossbow bolts, and can hold up to 8 ammunition.

Multi attack. Any creature attuned to them may make two attacks if capable of making one, and can attack in any combination of Wilt and Bloom, including attacking twice with either weapon. If the creature can normally make two or more attacks they can do so in any combination of attacks with Wilt and Bloom.

Smack. As a bonus action, you can sheath Wilt and fire it out of Bloom at a target. If it hits, the target is pushed back 5 feet, and you can catch Wilt. Damage is rolled as normal for the crossbow, but if you don't have proficiency with both Wilt and Bloom, you don't add any bonuses to the attack roll and damage rolls.

Crimson Slash. When you can make an attack of opportunity, you can sheath Wilt and make an attack roll with Bloom, causing Wilt to shoot out of Bloom. Performing this attack deals the damage roll of both the damage of Wilt and Bloom piercing damage.

Sentience. Wilt and Bloom is a chaotic good weapon with an Intelligence of 18, Wisdom of 16, and a Charisma of 12. It has darkvision for 55 feet and hearing for 40 feet. The weapons can speak, read, and understand Common, and any language the creature attune to them know. They can also communicate with the attuned creature telepathically. Both weapons are considered silvered, finesse, and light weapons, even if the creature wielding them is not attuned to it.
Personality. Wilt and Bloom hold the soul of a young woman named Rose from a time long forgotten. She is very quiet, but when she does speak she speaks with absolute bluntness. She hates seeing slaves and refuses to attune with any creature unless they free slaves. If they attune and don't free slaves, a conflict will occur the first time.The second time "Wilt and Bloom" will demand to be given to someone else. If the wielder refuses, the weapon will attempt to take over her wielder. They must make a DC 23 Constitution saving throw to resist. Then they must promise her to try harder and pass a DC 15 Persuasion check.

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