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Marine Command Room[edit]


Ordos, Flynn, Williams hustle in and Stafford secures the door behind them. (50 XP for Williams and Stafford)

The command room is not large. In the center is a tactical desk, and some power is coming through intermittently: a hologram of the station and surrounding geography of Titan flickers on and off.

One screen on the wall displays the profile of your eel-hunting mission briefing which seems like a lifetime ago. The adjacent screen seems to have a new mission profile ready to play, emitting a soft "priority" alarm.

There are signs of struggle. Shell casings on the floor, a smashed computer terminal. The rec area and bunkroom is to the south, the armoury is the the south east.

Williams. "Wow Stafford, I sure am glad that you knew how to open the security door! Hopefully the monsters will forget about us soon. I am going to look for some new armor, would you guys mind helping me look?" Williams goes to the south east armory, and starts opening the lockers and chests looking for some new armor.

Stafford. "Okay, I'll help you look." Stafford goes with Williams.

DM. Because this is where Flynn and Williams live, you have an opportunity to describe what is in the rec room, and what your bunk and personal locker look like. (I'll get back to the armoury later today)

You open the chests and lockers and assess the inventory. Fireteam Alpha must already have taken some equipment, but there's still plenty here:

Stafford. Stafford's eyes light up at seeing the Hacking Tool and he quickly takes it. He also takes the Battle Damage Repair Kit and 4 shotgun shells. (Can we dual wield pistols?) He takes a Riot Shield as well. (not gonna use it yet, but still) Stafford also takes the Entrenching Tool, but realising how heavy all this stuff is, tosses away his wrench and his rope. "Hey, is anyone's armour damaged?"

(You need the True Grit marine training to dual wield; or the dual wielder feat)

Williams. I pick up the suit of security armor first, and bring it to my bunk. Where Williams sleeps is on one of the bunks along the wall, with his large chest for his personal gear from Earth at the head of his bunk, reaching up to the ceiling, and another large locker with his things for Saturn at the foot of his bunk. His red sheets are just like he left them before leaving for the eel hunting expedition. They are neatly folded, with his personal laptop placed on top of them. He was using his laptop before going hunting, and forgot to put it back into his chest. Williams puts his laptop back into the chest, takes off his armor and hangs it up in his locker. I go into the rec room with my towel, and use one of the showers there. Fresh and clean, Williams changes into his new set of armor. I take 3 stimpacks, and the rocket launcher.

Before joining the rest of Bravo, Williams leaves his mini fire-extinguisher on top of his bunk.

To Bravo, Williams asks them if they want to take a short rest here, and if any of them want a can of F-Max. I leave three cans of F-Max in the rec room, near the large couches. To Stafford, Williams informs him that his armor kit will be more useful if we run into problems getting the relic.

DM. In the meantime, Ordos switched one control monitor to the external security camera, and the gloom of the habitat court appears on screen. The leathery aliens are hurling fire at the security door, but soon give up and begin scuttling back into the darkness.

"Hey, " says Ordos, "there's a new mission briefing here." He activates the tactical table. Mahagaon's voice crackles. "Fireteam Bravo. I know it's a cliche, but if you're hearing this, I'm dead, and probably the whole squad." His voice is as tired as when you heard it yesterday. "I tried to hold on. Stims can only keep me awake for so long. Goddamn Athena. Something in the drinks. Too late to explain what's gone off. Athena's locked the comms array, but if you can get to the military antenna, see if you can contact Rhea or Tethys. We tried to get to the shuttle, but it's hot, lots of contacts. The lab guys rustled some prototype weapon mods that were supposed to hurt them demons like they were mortal flesh, but... ah... everything went to crap when they took the command dome... an'..." the voice trails away. Then "Goddamn, men. Bone fide Demons. Give 'em Hell." Then there's nothing.

(Does Flynn do anything here?)

Flynn. "Well, it seems the demons have taken over the command dome. Maybe they interfered with Athena too, and that's why she's been acting strangely as of late... Anyway, it seems like those prototype weapon mods might be our best shot at doing real damage to those creatures. Perhaps the strange scope we found earlier is one of them?"

Stafford. "Demon-Mahagaon did somehow remotely hack the terminal in command when I accessed it. They didn't have any tech on them to do that either, so it must be something supernatural."

Pallas Station, ground level.

DM. Ordos stares at the map displayed on the tactical map, and taps the comms array (situated above Security). "If Athena has this locked, who told her to lock it, and what's it locked onto?"

Williams. I take a short rest, regaining 11 hit points. "I think we can scratch going to the medical lab for now. We have enough stim packs, and no one has even taken the medical kit lying around yet." Williams joins Bravo at the interface, "At least this workstation isn't busted up. That's one heck of a video from Mahagaon. Wow, so the ones that are not zombies are demons." Williams mutters, disbelievingly, as the reality settles in. "I agree, that if we want to get away from Saturn we will need to get control of the command dome back. First that relic, since that could save the lives of everyone who is just barely surviving, like Lou'an. Unless, does someone have a better plan?"

Stafford. "That's dangerous, but I suppose it could work..." (Isn't Williams a medic? I mean, he has the medic training option, so...)

Williams. "I cannot carry anything else right now, and its bad if only one person takes all the medical supplies. I have all the stim packs already. Also, whoever has the chain gun should take ammo for it. It will get rough, that I am sure of."

Stafford. "Hm. Ordos took the chaingun. Is anyone else a medic?" (Are you still using Banshee70's sheet for Ordos, Marasmasune? Because if so, he was also a medic.)

(No, I've got back to a basic set of statistics)

(oh, ok.)

(I thought that Flynn took it. Flynn, do you want the rocket launcher, or do you want to take the chaingun from Ordos?)

(Flynn will take the rocket launcher.)

Williams. I give Flynn the rocket launcher, and take the medikit. Having a bit more room again, I take the cans of F-Max that I left.

"I'm ready to go back to Lou'an when you are. Lets just check the camera for demons, and then head off."

Stafford. "Right." Stafford examines the camera feed.

DM. (Please note that since you've taken a short rest, 1 hour has passed; I'm also trusting you to keep track of your equipment and ammo...). The monitor shows one demon sat on its haunches on the barricade right outside, drooling saliva that sizzles. staring at the door. Line of sight to the courtyard is limited, but there's at least one other prowling.

During your rest, Flynn had been examining the weird device you found earlier, and discovers that it has a universal mount that does allow it to clip onto his pistol or shotgun; it could probably fit on the chaingun or rocket launcher too. When it clips on, it seems to activate: small interior wheels begin turning, LEDs light up, it hums and gives off heat.

Stafford. "Two hostiles. There might be more out of sight. One on the barricade, another on the other side of it."

DM. Flynn and Williams will know about the maintenance access hatch on the west wall (see map) if you want an alternate exit.

Williams. "I don't think that it makes sense to walk right out to a drooling demon. Bravo, let's take the maintenance access hatch. If we are lucky there may even be access to the medical bay." Williams gets up to the hatch, opens it, and enters the maintenance room. Does it only go to the stores, or is there any way to get to the medical bay?

DM. The maintenance room will get you to the stores or to the roof via a ceiling airlock. If you want the medical bay you'll have to face the courtyard. The maintenance room has various pipes and conduits running through it, a tool centre and workbench, and various fuseboxes. There is dim emergency lighting. There's a demon lying slumped and still to one side: it and the adjacent wall are riddled with bullet holes, and the thing has leaked a pool of purple-red blood. One of the pipes was ruptured, there's a hiss and a shimmer in the air, but no odour. Probably methane.

Stafford. Stafford follows Williams through the hatch.

Flynn. Flynn goes with Williams through the hatch.

Williams. Keeping my voice low, Williams whispers "I wonder what killed a demon in here... I hope there is not something from Saturn in the maintenance access. If we hear any muffled thudding-scrambling noises, like by Bryan Matusiv, then the demons also have things to worry about." Quietly, Williams leads Bravo to the panel by the stores. Once we are ready, I open the panel and drop down. Stealth 1d20, 10 + 3 = 13.

(Hi everyone, I'm very sorry for the delay. I got carried away with another project. Could we take, say, a 2 week break from this and reconvene on the 21st of September? Then we shall carry on. Marasmusine (talk) 15:08, 7 September 2017 (MDT))

(Fine with me. --Green Dragon (talk) 23:53, 7 September 2017 (MDT))

(I don't mind. --AngelsAndAarakocra (talk) 00:57, 8 September 2017 (MDT)

(Alrght SirSprinkles (talk) 01:00, 8 September 2017 (MDT))

Okay, before we start up again, can I ask you, are the grid-and-counter maps OK for the combats, or would you prefer something more abstract? It takes me a while to set them up and if people aren't really using them, I could instead probably find a single image (like above) or even a screenshot from Doom, then just describe where things are. Marasmusine (talk) 13:41, 19 September 2017 (MDT)

The last combat encounter was without the map, and I think it worked fine. For more complex battles a map helps a lot though. I am fine with either. --Green Dragon (talk) 22:14, 19 September 2017 (MDT)

DM. The storage room appears to be clear but dark. Your torchlight swings across the shelving - food and drink containers are intact, although the corners of the room are shrouded in darkness. Between the shelves squats one of the simple kitchen robots (more or less a 1-meter yellow cube on tracks, with folding arms) A door to your back left leads to the technician's office. In the left wall is a ladder that leads up to the dormitory level. At the far side, the roller shutter leading to the auto-kitchen is down, adjacent to a smaller hatch for the robots to pass through.

As you move in, Ordos takes the left, checking the technician's corridor.

(Is the "device" still clipped to a weapon, and if so which one?; And what is your current goal/destination? )

Williams. I lead the party to the canteen door, keeping quiet. "Lets try to keep quiet once we open this door. We don't want to lure demons back to Lou'an."

Stafford. "Right. Is everyone ready?" Stafford creeps to the canteen door. Stealth Roll 12 + 2 = 14

DM. (I hadn't mentioned a canteen door, but okay...) The canteen door seems to be locked. You'll need to hack it or bash it open.

Williams. "Stafford, can you try to hack this door too? It looks stuck. I think this will get us back to where we found that PDA on the dead diner."

Stafford. "Alright. Shouldn't be too difficult." Stafford connects his Hacking Tool and begins. Hacking Roll 11 + 5 = 16

DM. The keypad is rewired and the door slides open, allowing you access into the canteen. It remains as you left it. Through the window, you can make out the demons scampering around the court and up and down the support girders, although their attentions seemed focused on the barracks. (I need to know when you turn your torches off and on. If you wander into the canteen with them on, they will be alerted to you, although of course it's harder for you to see). It should only be a short run back to the bar and grill so long as you contact Monowi to open the shutter.

Flynn. "We should be careful, we don't want any of those creatures following us."

Williams. I turn my torch off, motioning to the others to do the same. "We know this room, so we should be okay without the torches." Over the comm, I transmit, "Monowi, we will be arriving at the grill shortly. Can you turn off the lights and open the shutter when we are outside?" With the rest of firesquad Bravo, I will move stealthy to the grill shutter. Stealth 1d20, 16 + 3 = 19.

Stafford. "Affirmative." Stafford follows Williams. Stealth 1d20, 13 + 2 = 15

DM. Monowi acknowledges, and you make it across the court without attracting attention from the swarming demons. Within moments you are in Redshift's chrome-and-red-leather dining area. Monowi closes the shutter behind you.

"How did it go? We need to deal with this thing soon, Lou'An is beginning to hallucinate. What's the play?"

Flynn. "We encountered some more of those creatures, as well as one of their dead. It also seems as though the enemy has taken the command dome. The shuttle bay is full of contacts, and the communications array is locked. We could try the military antenna to contact Rhea or Tethys, but who knows what might be standing in our way."

Williams. "The bad news is that even the shuttle has been compromised from Athena by way of the command dome. We learned that the relic has brought demons to Saturn. They are not just zombies, but demons! The good news is that we know the Lazure powers originate from the relic. We need to destroy it so that we can save any more victims. Were you able to assemble any rifles? We will need them at the relic."

DM. Monowi shows you the four assembled precision bolt rifles. "These were for us anyway, to replace the harpoons for hunting eels. Only problem is, no ammunition. The manifest says there's 240 rifle bullets and four magnum mods in another shipping crate. Maybe it's in the shuttle bay access near where we found these."

Stafford. "We need to get the beta blockers from medical first. They'll block the effects of the relic."

DM. Ordos says "There's no way we can get there without being spotted. We've got the firepower, let's blow 'em away! Or better still, why don't we just shoot our way to the shuttle and get the hell out of here?!"

Stafford. "Lou'An is beginning to hallucinate. If we're going to make our escape attempt, we need to go as a full squad."

Williams. "I don't think the shuttle will work, just like all the doors, communications, Athena, uggh... I agree, we have firepower. As far as I understand, we have everything we need to destroy the relic, and stop the spreading of the Lazure powers here. That should help Lou'an, and hopefully make Athena work again. We ONLY need the beta blockers if we are corpses, but if we die then we are gone anyway. If someone has a better idea, that's great. No matter what we do, before we go, we need to make sure that Lou'an takes another WorkPlus pill."

I thank Monowi and Lou'an for assembling the rifles, and take one.

Stafford. "That's wrong. If we fall asleep, or drink the coffee, we'll also be turned. I might be able to reprogram the shuttle's autopilot to have the shuttle containing the relic fly itself into the sun. After all, the effect might be caused by the material of the relic rather than the relic itself."

Stafford also takes a rifle, but drops his riot shield and entrenching tools.

"Are there rounds for these? The ones in the chaingun should be usable."

Williams. "The relic is in the labs, since it was brought there after the shuttle flight. I think if we hit it with some firepower it should do the trick, like an RPG. I don't think that's the only relic of its kind, and I doubt that it can't be blown apart or at least into an unusable state. If you understand that we need the beta blockers, then lets get them. I still am not certain we need them."

Stafford. "If we can get the beta blockers, we will easily be able to rest here and set guard shifts. A direct charge to the shuttle may also be a viable strategy, though. It's up to your leader to decide."

Flynn. "If we can take the shuttle quickly, we probably won't need the beta blockers, but it was very hot earlier, and the situation probably hasn't changed."

Stafford. "Well, it's up to you as squad leader. I'm just a technician."

Williams. Agreeing with Flynn, Williams is ready to get the beta blockers.

DM. Regarding the rifles, the bullets need to be loaded into magazines, you can't belt feed them. I'm sure I asked, but I can't see where now, do you still have the weird device clipped to one of your weapons? (and if so which?)

You open the shutter slightly to examine the habitat court situation. The most direct route to Medical is straight across the court. It's 50 feet to the central lifts. This is a ring of 7 glass elevators in an octagram. Just to the east of the elevators is a large oak tree (imported from earth, set in a planter). Its silhouette suggests something is draped throughout the branches. Tables and chairs are scattered all over. In places the tile flooring looks slick, particularly near the entrance of the hyrdoponic garden. At various places along the south wall there are little fires where the demon's projectiles caught something alight.

The lighting is still out, so whoever is looking should give me Perception checks with disadvantage.

Williams. I try to look for things, 2d20, 2, 4 is 2 + 1 = 3.

Stafford. "Ordos, can you give me and Williams some of your chaingun bullets for the rifle?"

(DM: Read my previous post again :) You need magazines for the rifles. They're in another crate somewhere. You could load one cartridge into the chamber, I suppose. I still need to know which weapon the weird device is clipped to, if at all.)

(That's what I was going to do. I don't know about the device's location.)

(Williams: Flynn has the device, in any case I do not since it was granted alongside the xp which I did not get. Also, can you give us any information about how loading a single round is like then?)

(Flynn has the device attached to his shotgun)

DM: You would use an action or bonus action to load one cartridge into the chamber (from however many you have unclipped from the belt). You wouldn't be able to use the short burst property of the rifle.

Williams peers into the gloom, but can't make out any hostiles. Is your plan to move directly through the court?

Williams. I crawl under the shutter, keeping my torch turned off, as soon as Firesquad Bravo is together on the other side, I will try to keep out of the shadows from the small fires, but close enough to use them as light sources. Stealth 1d20, 9 + 3 = 12.

(Would Ordos have taken the rifle bullets from the command room? He has the chaingun, so this should make sense, but reading the description they are actually for the rifles. Since we are just getting the Beta Blockers I guess that Monowi is staying behind again?)

DM. To be clear, the box magazine for the chaingun, from the command room, is for the chaingun. Maybe I should have just stuck with calling it a chaingun belt :)

Monowi will cover you from the bar & grill with her pistol.
Ordos follows Willams, keeping low and quiet. Stealth check is 9 + 3 = 12.
Just need stealth checks from Flynn and Stafford.

(Stafford has asked Ordos twice about being given rifle ammo now.)

Stafford. Stafford looks impatiently at Ordos and sneaks along behind him. Stealth roll 17 + 2 = 19

Flynn. Flynn sneaks along with Williams and the others. d20 20 + 3 = 23 (Roll), Roll for proficiency = 18 (Roll)

DM. You make it all the way across the dark court. Shuffling and snarling echos around you, but you keep quiet and low. As expected, medical is a mess. The clinic is strewn with debris. The ward has six beds, all dirty and damp. Two beds have bodies on, both unmoving. A technician you knew, Raef, has lacerations across his broad chest. In the last bed, the unidentifiable remains of a deeply burned victim. IV drips are knocked over. Cabling loops out of the ceiling like spilled intestines. In the office, it looks like quiet, meek Dr. Latta took his own life with dozens of jet injectors. The office is illuminated a pale yellow from his computer terminal, which hums expectantly. At the back of the office, the door to the drug coldroom is locked.

Williams. "Weird that the demons burned that corpse, and have been leaving corpses around. What HAVE they been taking to the hydroponic garden then? Anyway, Stafford, can you hack this door too?"

DM (Hey Marines, I currently have an intermittently faulty router. New one arriving on Tuesday. My responses might be delayed. In the meantime you can continue to say how you want to examine in the clinic.)

Flynn. Flynn investigates the computer terminal. Is it still running?

DM. It is still running. Looks like Latta was writing a personal notes. You quickly skim through. "18th Feburary, 2023. It's no secret that today's multiple cases of nausea, night terrors and epistaxis has coincided with the supply shuttle's arrival. Rumours are that some unusual research project was on board, and the crew was missing. — Shift is neverending as I prescribe sedatives to half the station crew to treat anxiety. — 19th Feburary, 2023. I contacted Dr. Ballenger on Enceladus, she reports similar cases at Gorgon station coinciding with the arrival of their shuttle. I was about to contact Mimas when Athena locked out communications! What gives? — Medical staff scrambled to the laboratories. Reports of gunfire? — Staff are having breakdowns, seems like psychosis. Security have not been able to subdue a subject for me to diagnose. Best I can do now is to try a post-mortem. I demanded that Commander McKeith stop whatever "project" is happening in the labs. 20th Feburary, 2023. Labs have been sealed, refinery has been sealed, shuttle bay too, in order to contain the madness. Still cannot contact other stations, Athena keeps going on about comms being available again after such-and-such a time. — Where are these things coming from! They're killing everyone! McKeith told me not to panic, the lab guys are working from security. They've developed a "counter-tech". What's that supposed to mean? I'm supposed to post-mortem a burn victim. Turnbull says "Is hell fire different to regular fire" literally everyone's gone crazy. — 21st Feburary, 2023. No-one's in control anymore. We're cut off. The marines are making a last stand they're shouting at me to run over. I saw what those things are doing in hydroponics, I'm not checking out like that. Goodbye. "

Stafford. "I should be able to. Flynn, have you found anything?"

Flynn. "According to these notes, there were reports of similar events happening at Gorgon station on Enceladus. He says that he saw what those things are doing in hydroponics, or at least what they were doing at that time. No details, but I think it's safe to assume that whatever it is isn't good."

Stofford. "Good to know. Should we continue?"

Williams. I think so. If there is something behind this door, then it would be banging on it like by Lou'an. It should be safe to hack.

Stafford. "Alright." Stafford heads over to the door and begins to work. Roll: 18 + 5 = 23

DM. Stafford adeptly runs a bypass, and you gain access to the drug cooler. Many of the shelves are bare, looks like medical supplies were in demand. You are able to salvage:

  • Two medikits
  • Two stimpacks
  • One black-packed hypo of drencom (the so-called "berserk pack")
  • Beta blockers (pack of 30)

There are various other drugs that may or may not be useful. If you can spend 1 minute looking through, make a Medicine check (with a higher result yielding better results).

Williams. I rummage through the drug cooler, 1d20, 18 - 1 = 17. I put the video camera near the computer terminal, knowing that it has served a good purpose, and take the stimpacks. "I have no idea what the drencom is, but can you two can take the medikits and the rest? It will be good if we each have some way of healing."

Stafford. "Aren't you the medic?" Stafford takes the beta blockers and the drencom.

(Do we know what the drencom does, or will he have to make an ability check/use it to figure it out?)

DM. (*Made a page for it, Berserk Pack (5e Equipment)*) Williams also recognizes:

  • One dose of Telol (a truth serum)
  • One dose of Cortexin (improves intelligence)
  • A pack of 10 bliss pellets (anti-stress, erases past 1 hour of memory)

Flynn. "Do you think Telol will work on demons?"

Stafford. "Only the ones that can speak, I would think."

Williams. "Lets take everything, just to be safe. If we find any survivors which seem to be hiding information then Telol will also come in handy. Flynn, can you take all the things which Stafford and I could not take? I can't, that's my problem." Once Flynn has packed up the other items I let team Bravo know that we should get back to Lou'an. I murmur "Lou'an could use some bliss pellets."

DM. You head through the office, through the clinic and back to the front door. Something is on the wide glass window. Letters daubed in brown-red gunk on the outside. Back to front: "KRAD EHT NI EES NAC EW".

Flynn. "Look at those letters: it seems that they spell 'we can see in the dark' in reverse. If that's true, we should be careful, as we need torches to see what they can see normally."

Williams. "I am not sure what to make out of the words, but its not good that they know we are still somewhere here. If they are hunting us we could be in trouble." With my torch off, I lead the party back to Lou'an. Stealth, 1d20, 19 + 3 = 22.

Stafford. Stealth: 10 + 2 = 12.

Flynn. Flynn follows along. d20 3 + 3 = 6 (Roll), Roll for proficiency = 13 (Roll)

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