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This magnificent set of armor was crafted for a Goliath king by dwarven runesmiths during the Age of Dreams. This was crafted as a gift to thank the goliaths for their help during the "Ogre Wars". At the end of the Age of Might, specifically during the "Great Destruction" (Cataclysm to the rest of the world), the location of the armor has disappeared. It is believed to be somewhere in the jungles of the southwestern part of the continent, Taladas. Unfortunately, this area is heavily populated by bakali.


The Weragen of Belrem, or Armor of the Elemental King (Earth), is a finely crafted set of Stone Plate made from a rare black marble with copper striations, and gray earthsilk. This artifact consists of five seperate pieces each named after the runesmith who crafted that particular item; Ovthen's Helm, Dalent's Boots, Farthal's Gauntlets, Dugen's Belt, and Vanring's Plate. It is believed that there are other sets of armor attuned to different elements that were also created during the same time frame. This particular set is the only set crafted solely by dwarves.


Damage Reduction of 30/adamantine

Immunity to bull rush or trip

+4 Constitution attribute

+4 Dwarven Stone Plate (Due to the nature of the construction of this armor, Goliaths are not required to take the feat Exotic Armor Proficiency from Races of Stone)

The above effects only happen when the entire set is worn.


All of the materials were created and quarried in ancient Thorin in the Nordmaar region of Ansalon. Since the Cataclysm, the location of Thorin has been all but lost, as well as the skill required to make such a piece. Currently, the dwarves of Thorbardin would be extremely hesitant in crafting such a piece for any non-dwarf. If they did it would be significantly of lesser quality than the original and would cost somewhere around 750,000 gp.

DM Note[edit]

Even though the locations listed are from the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, it can be used for any and all campaigns. Just change the names to 'protect the innocent." -Irykyl

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