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Dugen's Belt: This wide belt is crafted from gray earthsilk and large copper studs. The buckle itself is a disc of black marble with copper runes engraved. The runes are believed to be the sigil for the runesmith that crafted this piece, Dugen. With the exception of it's appearance, this belt has the same bonuses as a +4 Belt of Giant Strength.

The belt is part of an artifact known as the Weragen of Belrem. This armor was crafted for a Goliath king by dwarven runesmiths during the Age of Dreams as a gift to thank the goliaths for their help during the "Ogre Wars".

Moderate (DC 17) Transmutation;CL none; none; Cost none; Activation: —; Weight: 1 lb.; Market Price: 16,000gp

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