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The War of the Deific Sphere[edit]

The War of the Deific Sphere refers to the great war of the gods during the Age of Myths, before the material sphere even existed. This event, however great the cost, ultimately resulted in the creation of the planar construct that houses the planes, and therefore, the mortal world.

The war began when Varglokirr, a violent, tyrannical god, subjugated other deities in his desire to lord over his divine brethren. A powerful, greater deity, the tyrant god was a force to be reckoned with, and his actions led to the destruction and obliteration of many deities over the course of the war, ultimately limiting a population of several thousands of deities to the handful that exists in Tirr, today. Powerful though he was, a number of deities managed to revolt against his attempts to seize power, gathering under powerful leaders such as Fate, Mana, Serberus and Bahamut and fighting back against the tyrant.

While the war was ultimately won by the rebelling factions, with conflict culminating in Varglokirr's disjoining and subsequent imprisonment of all his remains in the planar prison of the material sphere, it did have its own share of atrocities and left many scars among the survivors, with one of the most notable being Isis.

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