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Variant Rules of Redgate[edit]


Their are no wish, or limited wish spells in Redgate. They are reserved for deities only. Also, the spells dismissal and banishment are treated as being 3rd and 5th level spells. Instead of 5th and 7th level.


Death is a pretty serious thing in Redgate. Not only do you need the proper spell to bring a fellow comrade back from the grave. You also need the approval of the Lesser God, Nia Morgain. Which can be impossibly hard to get below 17th level. As such, all player characters gain full Hit Points from their Class Hit Dice every level. This reduces the number of deaths per party.


Redgate is connected to the Astral Plane. However, any non-native plane activity is closely monitered by the Lesser God, Angus Weil. He acts a filter for any malicious activity from the Outer Planes. If player characters frequent the Planes and Astral Sea then expect a visit from this powerful personage before returning to Redgate


Creatures listed as immune to critical hits take half damage on a confirmed critical. (Ha! Take that, you Undead nasties.)

Full Rest[edit]

After a full period of rest for your racial type you regain any temporary ability damage and may make a saving throw to resist any mind-affecting effects such as enchantments.

Caste System[edit]

Redgate is a land of Noble blood and Castes. Some people are valued higher than others because of this. The higher your caste the more rights and privilages you have. The ranks in society are as follows.

  • Royal Caste:
+300 gold/month
  • Nobles Caste:
+20 gold/month
  • Champion Caste:
+8 gold/month
  • Arcane Caste:
+6 gold/month
  • Warrior Caste:
+4 gold/month
  • Tradesman Caste:
-5 silver/month in taxes
  • Commoner Caste:
-5 silver/month in taxes

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