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Character Creation[edit]

The Backstory[edit]

Every character that enters Redgate follows a similar process. The following steps can be found in detail in the Players Handbook.

  • Select Race
  • Select Class
  • Select Skills
  • Select Equipment
  • Complete Character Sheet for level 1.

After completing the steps above you are ready to create a backstory. A brief history of your characters childhood and motivations. This history should include the Caste of Society your character was born into. This may have consequences later on in your journey.

  • Select Caste
  • Noble (+20 to starting gold)
  • Champion (+20 to starting gold)
  • Arcane (+10 to starting gold)
  • Warrior (+10 to starting gold)
  • Tradesman (+0 to starting gold)
  • Commoner (-10 to starting gold)
  • Create a Brief History for your Character

After completing the steps above your character is ready to enter Redgate.

A Guard of Ulser

The Arena[edit]

All characters start their journey in Redgate by being locked up in Ulser Main's Prison in the Winter Highlands.

  • All characters are locked up (rightfully or wrongfully), in Ulser Main's Prison.
  • All characters are stripped of any titles or ranks they may have previously gained. (Such as Noble, Duke, Lord, or Champion.)
  • They do have all of their possessions but are located in separate cells. (Any spare coins or gold, and lock pick equipment is taken from the party at this time.)
  • Four Guards (Lv8 Npc), announce to the party that they have been chosen to fight in the Ulser Arena to gain their freedom. The doors to their cells open magically and an iron gate is raised leading upwards to the Ulser Arena.
  • Combat in the Ulser Arena consists of three armed Goblins in the first round and, upon completion, the second round is one Lv3 Dwarf Cleric. Upon success the characters are cheered by the crowd and set free into Ulser Main.
  • The characters receive any lost items at this time and +10 gold "hazard pay" from the Arena.

The Druids Apprentice[edit]

All characters are escorted out of the arena via the performers exit near the east side. Here they encounter a waiting Druid, an Adviser to a local Lord.

  • The Druid offers to give the party entrance into the Warrior Caste if they become questing servants for the Druids Lord, an Earl of Ulser. (Otherwise they must pay a Commoners tax of 5 silver every month to Ulser Providence.)
  • Should the party accept they are escorted to a proper Estate outside of town and enter the service of Frederick Du Finch, Earl of Ulser Providence. They are also given entrance into the Warrior Caste of Society.
  • Should the party decline the invitation they are guided to a local Tavern in Ulser Main. They are registered as members of the Commoner Caste and are required to pay taxes every month to Ulser Province. (Registration also costs 5 silver upfront.)
  • Your DM will take it from here. Good luck.

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