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Wondrous item, Very Rare

A share crystal is a rare crystalline object created through the artificial attempts of birthing a console patron unit; it is a solid manifestation of highly condensed celestial energies. It is a semi-translucent, otherworldly blue color, which sparkles, shines, and nearly glows faintly when light catches it. Though it has no use for ordinary people besides looking pretty, console patron units have a particular interest in acquiring these strange objects when they can.

Divine Charge. When a console patron unit holds this item in at least one free hand, they may activate it as an action, triggering their Hard Drive Divinity trait as if they had activated said trait normally, but without expending their use of that trait. A console patron unit must be at least 5th level to be able to use this item, but may also still use it if they've already expended their use of their Hard Drive Divinity trait. Upon activation, this item immediately disintegrates, as all of the celestial energies composing it are absorbed by the console patron unit that activated it.

A large, refined share crystal, having been prepared for display in a rarity shop.

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