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Erissa is a sparkling, radiant woman who glows with the power of Light, Hope, Love, and Justice. Her mission is to dispense Love and Justice in equal measures where necessary.

Erissa wasn't always so good, however. In fact, she was once quite evil. She was born to parents who had both descended from creatures from the depths of Hell, and the evil trait was strong in her. So was the trait of magic, and asskicking. She went terrorizing villages and towns, demanding tribute, and even had small states under her heel. That all changed when she slew one old cleric who attempted to oppose her. She took Redemption and a piece of the Circlet of the Saint as her prize and, when she put them on, she was suddenly confronted by her past deeds and the greater context of good and evil in the universe. This act quickly redeemed her and she was turned forevermore to the side of Good. In honor of the act that redeemed her, she dubbed the dragonscale armor she wears Redemption.

Erissa took on a new mission in life, that of spreading Love and Justice to anyone who required it. Fate seemed to be with her in her travels and the abstract Light of the Multiverse, having found a new champion, revealed the rest of the Arms of the Light set to her and she obtained it piece by piece. Currently, she only lacks the other piece of the Circlet of the Saint. While she lacks that piece, she does not gain any of the abilities of the item from level 5 onward.

As part of her mission spreading Love and Justice, she came across a Shadow Dragon that was terrorizing a helpless group of peasants. She slew it and, with its corpse, crafted the Shadow Set. The Shadow Set is truly her masterwork, and it is unlikely that she will ever be able to create such a work of art again. This action gained her the attention of other dragons, good and evil, and she has various relationships with certain individuals of that population.

Erissa's current part of her continuing mission of spreading Love and Justice involves improving the living conditions of the lower classes in the various kingdoms and empires in the world. She realizes that there will be no way to do this peacefully, and is resigned to deposing the old regimes by war and making the lives of the people in the new nations better by magic.


Erissa is six feet tall. She is very strong and strong-willed. She is pretty, somehow, in an enthralling sense. Her hair is completely golden, as are the irises of her eyes.


Erissa Calmanin

Extraordinary Aasimar (slight difference: Instead of being an Outsider and getting the ability to use Light, you're a Humanoid and you gain a bonus feat)


Samurai 8 // Cleric 4 / Reformed Evil Knight 4

HP: 4d8 + 4d10 + 24 (96 HP)

Stat Totals: Stats: Str 14 (+2), Dex 18 (+4), Con 16 (+3), Int 14 (+2), Wis 30 (+10), Cha 12 (+1)

BAB: +8/+3

Grapple: +10

AC: 36 (10 + 9 armor + 2 natural + 2 deflection + 5 insight + 2 sacred + 4 dexterity + 2 dodge), +6 shield when worn

Saves: Fort +13, Ref +8, Will +20


  • Adversary +26/+24 (1d6+29 +1 holy, 13-20/x4)
  • Adversary +26/+24 (1d6+24 +1 holy, 13-20/x4) and Shadow Gauntlet +22/+20 (1d4+13, 19-20/x2, plus poison)
  • Darts (Javelins) +16/+16/+14/+14 (1d6+4, 19-20/x2)

Other Details[edit]

Resistances, Immunities, Etc.[edit]

  • Immune to contact by summoned non-Good creatures (spell resistance can bypass this effect).
  • Immune to possession attempts and other attempts at mental control.
  • Resistance to Fire 9

Active spells[edit]

  • Divine Favor [persisted]
  • Spikes [extended] (on Adversary)
  • Spikes [extended] (on Shadow Gauntlets)



  • Paranoia (While she's kind to those in need, the trait can't help but appear when you've gone from evil and good and have people hunting for your blood...)
  • Jerk (She's a real jerk when she isn't needing to dispense LOVE).


  • Balance 1
  • Concentration 11
  • Hide 11
  • Knowledge (Religion) 4
  • Listen 5
  • Move Silently 11
  • Perform (Violin)
  • Ride 11
  • Sense Motive 11

Race Features[edit]

  • Darkvision 60'
  • +2 racial bonus to Spot and Listen checks.
  • +4 Wisdom
  • +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity
  • Expanded Ability (Blitz)

Class Features[edit]

  • Ancestral Weapon: Adversary. Gains double HP and +10 hardness, enhancement bonus equal to Samurai level divided by 3, rounded down (but never more than +5 at and below level 20).
  • Pledge of Loyalty: Gains +4 to saves against mind-affecting effects.
  • Kiai! (Ex): Automatically turn a non-Attack of Opportunity successful strike into a critical hit before damage is rolled. 6/day.
  • Ancestral Guidance (Sp): Commune and Speak with Dead both 1/day.
  • Terrible Blows (Su): Adversary bypasses Damage Reduction and ignores Hardness.
  • Iaijutsu (Ex): When having the Edge on a foe, can take an AoO on that foe as an immediate action.
  • Parry Magic (Su): Can use Adversary to parry targeted magic (spell or supernatural ability). When targeted, make an AoO against the effect. Make an attack roll equal to the spell or effect's DC. If it hits, the effect does not affect Erissa.



I'm going to try something a little different with my magic items for this campaign. Instead of being a Christmas tree or attempting to play "gotta catch 'em all", I'll just have all my cash spent on a few items of undefined price, and then these items will scale with me over the course of the campaign. As a side-effect, they'll prevent me from using most other items.

The Arms of the Light Set is the more powerful of the two sets. The Shadow Set is more "boring" with most of its power coming from the enhancement bonuses. Some of the stuff it gives is pretty nice, though.

These pieces of equipment chew up all my starting gold, and most of my future treasure (still deciding how to work that aspect out).

  • Arms of the Light set
    • Adversary
    • Redemption (counts as Holy for the purposes of the Reformed Bone Knight's class features).
    • Patience
    • Circlet of the Saint
  • Shadow Set
    • Shadow Amulet
    • Shadow Belt
    • Shadow Boots
    • Shadow Cloak
    • Shadow Gauntlets
  • Mundane
    • 20 Javelins (darts).

Special Equipment[edit]

The two armor sets listed below (Arms of the Light set and Shadow set) go together and have similar origins. Thus, even though they are different sets, they still interact.

The Arms of the Light Set[edit]

The Arms of the Light Set was forged from material Goodness and Hope. It was not all created at once but, rather, came to be over time. The individual pieces are all old and have been broken, reforged, and remade over the ages. But each wearer had some strong piece of Goodness or Hope inside of him or her, and they bled into the equipment over time.

When wearing any of the following items, you must be good-aligned to gain their effects. They have no effect on neutral creatures, and each item bestows a negative level on any evil creature that puts one on.

The Blade Called Adversary[edit]

Note: Adversary has a lot of effects. Most of them are cure effects. This is not overpowered or unbalancing as the only time you ever use it is out of combat. That's pretty much worth nothing, which was the point.

The current incarnation of Adversary was forged from a single bone of a red dragon, as a Dragonfang material (see Draconomicon) and infused with material Justice. The forging process transformed its original bony and wooden nature into a gleaming, impossibly sharp metal with a mirror finish.

Adversary is a unique exotic weapon. It is two-handed, and deals 1d6 damage with a critical range of 19-20/x4. As it was originally a dragonfang weapon, it counts as wood for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction and spell effects (see Tome of Fiends (3.5e Sourcebook) for the complete list of what materials count as what).

Adversary also has the following benefits based on your level:

  • Level 1: You can strike an opponent with Adversary and, instead of dealing damage, have it cast Cure Minor Wounds on them.
  • Level 2: Adversary can be used in either one hand or two with no penalty. You must still have Exotic Weapon Proficiency with Adversary as normal.
  • Level 3: You can strike an opponent with Adversary and, instead of dealing damage, have it cast Cure Light Wounds on them.
  • Level 5: You can use your Wisdom modifier for damage rolls with Adversary instead of your Strength modifier.
  • Level 7: You can strike an opponent with Adversary and, instead of dealing damage, have it cast Remove Disease or Cure Serious Wounds on them.
  • Level 8: Adversary gains the Keen property, even if it is not already a magical weapon.
  • Level 10: Adversary gains five feet of reach.
  • Level 14: You can strike an opponent with Adversary and, instead of dealing damage, have it cast Heal on them.
  • Level 16: Adversary gains the Metalline property.
  • Level 17: Anyone struck by Adversary with the intent to deal damage is also struck by a targeted Greater Dispel Magic.

The Armor Called Redemption[edit]

Redemption is an armor set made from the scales of a red dragon and infused with material Hope. It functions as a normal set of red Dragonscale armor. Redemption grants you a natural armor bonus to AC equal to your level divided by four, rounded down.

Redemption also has the following benefits depending on your level:

  • Level 5: Redemption has the Spellblade property against Dispel Magic. (Yes, I know this property is normally for weapons, but it makes way more sense on armor.)
  • Level 7: Redemption has the Ghost Touch property.
  • Level 12: Redemption gains the Spellblade property against Greater Dispel Magic.
  • Level 15: Redemption's wearer gains the benefit of the Mind Blank spell.

The Shield Called Patience[edit]

Patience is a kite shield, specifically designed to protect both its wearer and others who happen to be surrounding him. It was originally forged from a single solid piece of adamantite and infused with material Love. The result is an undullable mirror-like surface to the shield. Patience has an enchantment bonus equal to your character level divided by four, rounded down (note for readers: this is seriously the equivalent of a 3rd-level spell). Patience also grants the following benefits depending on your level:

  • Level 8: Patience grants you spell resistance equal to 5 + your character level + Patience's shield bonus. (Note for readers: this was based on the ability of the Knight class, which does the exact same thing at the same level.)
  • Level 10: By touching someone with Patience, it casts Neutralize Poison on them. This is a standard action.
  • Level 16: If you die, Patience resurrects you 2d6 days later.

The Circlet of the Saint[edit]

The Circlet of the Saint is a crystalline circlet forged with material Light. It is warm to the touch and pulses with light.

The Circlet of the Saint enhances its wearer's ability to fight battles without fear. The wearer of the circlet must go through a 24-hour ritual to attune the magic item to himself. Once attuned, the wearer is suffused with the energy of the Light. Should any member of the Arms of the Light set or the Shadow set be destroyed, it reforms in the owner's possession over the next week of time.

The Circlet of the Saint also has the following abilities based on the user's level:

  • Level 3: You are always aware when someone within 60' has dangerous intentions towards you. If you are asleep, you instantly wake up with the knowledge. This does not tell you anyone's location or even their identity, it merely informs you of malevolent intentions.
  • Level 5: You gain damage reduction 2/evil.
  • Level 6: You gain half your wisdom modifier as an insight bonus to your AC.
  • Level 8: You gain fast healing 1.
  • Level 10: You gain the Saint template. This ability supersedes the abilities granted at levels 5, 6, and 8. As the equipment can never leave you at this point, you pretty much have it all the time. (Note: I figured this was okay as level 10 has passed the LA buyoff point for this. This is also not totally unheard of, there's a Tome of Magic item that grants a template all the time as well. The abilities up until this point have been smaller scaled bonuses from the template itself.)
  • Level 13: You are constantly surrounded by a Sanctuary effect. If you attack someone, this effect ends for 1d4 rounds before renewing itself. You also gain the ability to shine as brightly as a torch. You can suppress or renew this ability as a swift action.
  • Level 17: Holyfire Shield (Sp): As a swift action, you can cast use a spell-like ability called holyfire shield at will. This effect is like a golden-colored fire shield, but the damage it inflicts is holy damage and it grants immunity to unholy and profane damage.

The circlet also gives you a sacred bonus to AC equal to your level divided by four, rounded down.

As a side effect of using the circlet, you can no longer gain the benefit of any items that take up a body slot that aren't part of the Arms of the Light set or Shadow set. You can still use rods and other items as normal, provided they don't take up a body slot. This ability can never be revoked.

The Shadow Set[edit]

The pieces of the Shadow set have all been crafted from the scales or other body parts of a slain Shadow dragon and corrupted for use by the Light. These pieces were fashioned by Erissa herself, and as such interact with the Arms of the Light set. They were her masterwork craft, and as such it is unlikely she will ever be able to match them in crafting skill and ability again.

Shadow Amulet[edit]

You gain an enhancement bonus to your wisdom score equal to your level divided by three, rounded down.

You also gain the following abilities based on your level:

  • Level 2: You can hear incorporeal and ethereal creatures as if they lacked those traits.
  • Level 8: You can see invisible and ethereal creatures as if they lacked those traits.
  • Level 14: You gain concealment (similar to Blur) all the time.
  • Level 16: You can use Ethereal Jaunt a number of rounds each day equal to your character level. Activating this ability is a swift action.

Shadow Belt[edit]

You gain an enhancement bonus to your constitution score equal to your level divided by three, rounded down.

You also gain the following abilities based on your level:

  • Level 10: You can use Teleport once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • Level 14: You can use Plane Shift as a spell-like ability at will.
  • Level 17: You can use Greater Teleport as a spell-like ability at will, but only on yourself. Once per day, you can do this as a swift action.

Shadow Boots[edit]

You gain an enhancement bonus to your dexterity score equal to your level divided by three, rounded down.

You also gain the following abilities based on your level:

  • Level 7: You can use Shadow Walk once per day as a spell-like ability. (I realize this is a bit early and could be expensive normally on a magic item, but seriously, Shadow Walk isn't that great and is inferior to Teleport in every way so it has no business being the level it is.)
  • Level 14: The boots act as Boots of Sidestepping (Magic Item Compendium).
  • Level 16: You can act as if Hasted a number of rounds per day equal to your character level. Starting and ending this power is a free action.
  • Level 20: You gain Freedom of Movement all the time (as per Ring of Freedom of Movement).

Shadow Cloak[edit]

You gain an enhancement bonus to your charisma score equal to your level divided by three, rounded down. You gain a resistance bonus to your saving throws equal to your level divided by three, rounded down (but never more than +5 while under 20th level).

You also gain the following abilities based on your level:

  • Level 5: This cloak counts as a Handy Haversack.
  • Level 8: This cloak acts as a single Nightstick.
  • Level 12: You gain incorporeal wings that enable you to fly at a speed of 90' (good maneuverability).

Shadow Gauntlets[edit]

You gain an enhancement bonus to your strength score equal to your level divided by three, rounded down.

You also gain the following abilities based on your level:

  • Level 1: Shadow Gauntlets count as gauntlets (the weapon).
  • Level 2: Shadow Gauntlets now count as spiked gauntlets. However, they have a critical modifier of 19-20/x2 and count as martial weapons instead of simple weapons.
  • Level 6: Enemies you damage with your Shadow Gauntlet spikes are poisoned (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your Str bonus), initial and secondary damage of 1d3 Dexterity.
  • Level 10: The Dexterity damage of the poison increases to 1d4.
  • Level 13: the Shadow Gauntlets' poison can deal initial and secondary damage of 1 negative level instead of its normal damage.

The Reformed Evil Knight Prestige Class[edit]

This prestige class is a bit of a merging of concepts of the Bone Knight from Five Nations and the Celestial Beacon. It's meant to be similar to Elothar Warrior of Bladereach in the idea that a prestige class might be specific to a single character's ideas and needs (which this one is). The idea is that the dark path of the Bone Knight was started on, but we reformed along the way. It works like the following:

Prerequisites: Same as Bone Knight, except the Craft requirement is removed and replaced with "Must be proficient in heavy armor" and "must radiate moderate good".

BAB: Medium.

Saves: Fort Good, Ref Bad, Will Good (as Cleric).

Spellcasting: Increase at every level.

Class Features: As Bone Knight, Except:

  • Remove Paladin Conversion
  • Remove Rebuke Undead (turning/rebuking will no longer advance)
  • Remove Bone March
  • Remove Summon Skeletal Steed
  • Remove Master of the White Banner
  • Remove Fill the Ranks
  • Remove Bonecraft Weapon.
  • Remove Death Strike.
  • Replace all instances of "bonecraft armor" with "holy armor". Redemption counts as Holy armor for these purposes, and need not be crafted as it (obviously) already is.
  • Replace Exoskeleton of Undeath with the armor becoming an instantly summonable set instead. When the armor is not being worn, you still gain the benefits listed by the class feature, but not the benefits of actually wearing the armor.
  • At level 1, add the feat Mounted Combat (RoW).
  • At level 2, add the ability Halo of the Righteous (as per Celestial Beacon)
  • At level 3, add the ability Arms of the Holy (as per Celestial Beacon); the extra fire damage that Adversary deals becomes Holy damage instead.
  • At level 5, add the following ability:
    • Armament of the Holy (Su): Your armor has an enhancement bonus equal to your level divided by three, rounded down (though never above 5 when below 20th level). It now shines with a golden sheen (treat as the Daylight spell, turnable on and off at will as a standard action).
  • At level 6, add the ability Dragon Mount and Dragon Skills (as per Dragon Lancer); the dragon's alignment and ideals must be similar to that of the Reformed Bone Knight.
  • At Level 9, add the ability Celestial Aspect (as per Celestial Beacon)
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