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About Rakankou[edit]

While still very new to wiki editing as a whole, I plan to stay with this wiki to both teach myself how it's done and to subject various D&D ideas to peer review. I intend to make more submissions and reviews (as well as a more interesting user page) when I get a chance.


Base Classes[edit]

Adopted the Anti-Paladin class, and brought it up to a respecatble status.

Character Optimizations[edit]

Completely restructured the [[Simple Minion Cleric (3.5e Optimized Character Build)|Simple Minion Cleric]] with plans to expand on this base in the future.
Created and added the Massive Damage Striker to see if there are any damage-dealing opportunities I left out of the optimization.


Created the Wild Hunt and the accompanying Leader of the Hunt. Flession made the suggestion in the Talk:Jabberwock (3.5e Creature) page, and I took to it.


Composed the initial revision of Ring of Sustenance, Greater for the community to work from.
Created the Band of Investiture the the chagrin of anti-illusionists across the planes.


Created Dweomercræft for epic mages everywhere.
Created the Artisan feat to give low-level crafters a bit of an edge.
Created Perspicacity to help out low-constitution, non-undead characters keep their concentration.

Prestige Classes[edit]

Created and added Master of the Spoken Word.


Created the [[Template:Adopted_Article|Adopted Article Template]] for use around the wiki by wikians who decide to commit themselves to revising sub-par entries.

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