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The Wild Hunt's Leader is as grand a spectacle as his retinue.
Leader of the Hunt
Size/Type: Large Undead
Hit Dice: 35d12+60 (288 hp)
Initiative: +6
Speed: 40, Fly 60 (Perfect)
Armor Class: 27, touch 15, flat-footed 21
Base Attack/Grapple: 35/49
Attack: Souldrinker +44 melee (1d10+30, 17-20/x6 plus 2d4 Negative Levels), or Slam +45 melee (2d6 +10 plus Energy Drain)
Full Attack: +44/+39/+34/+29 melee (1d10+30, 17-20/x6 plus 2d4 Negative Levels), or Slam +45 melee (2d6 +10 plus Energy Drain)
Space/Reach: 5 feet/10 feet
Special Attacks: Gaze of the Undead King
Special Qualities: Energy Drain, Leader of the Hunt, Planar Tracking, Turn Resistance +8, Undead Traits
Saves: Fort +27, Ref +23, Will +33
Abilities: Str 30, Dex 22, Con —, Int 20, Wis 25, Cha 25
Skills: Intimidate +551, Sense Motive +45
Feats: Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword), Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword)2, Greater Weapon Foucs (Bastard Sword)2, Greater Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword)2, Epic Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword)2, Epic Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword)2, Epic Toughness (3x), Savage Critical (Bastard Sword), Greater Critical (Bastard Sword), Improved Critical (Bastard Sword)
Environment: Any
Organization: Hunt (1 plus 1 Wild Hunt), or Ragnarok (2-4 plus equal Wild Hunts)
Challenge Rating: 27
Treasure: Souldrinker, Crown of Epic Charisma +10
Alignment: Usually Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: 30-40 HD (Large), 41-50 HD (Huge), 51-60 (Collossal), alternatively by class level
Level Adjustment:
  1. A Leader of the Hunt adds his Strength bonus to Intimidate checks.
  2. A Leader of the Hunt counts as a Fighter with class levels equal to its hit dice for the purposes of determining feat prerequisites.

You've finally come face to face with the Leader of the Hunt. He is lordly and imperious with a compelling gaze. He carries a terrible blade and wears a crown of immense value. He tolerates your presence, but your welcome may be outlived at any moment.

Lords of the Hunt are the undead reanimations of princes who enjoyed and greatly excelled in the hunt during life. They may also be created when a particularly charismatic individual dies while hunting down a deadly foe.

Lords of the Hunt are typically domineering, short-tempered men that seek only sport. Some hunt down particular individuals for some past transgression, but most merely travel with their Hunts to hunt whatever worthy sport they can find.


Gaze of the Undead King (Su): A creature who meets the gaze of a Leader of the Hunt must succeed a DC 37 Will save or be forced to kneel immediately. A creature who is affected by this ability may stand as normal on his next action and is furthermore immune to the effect forever afterwards. This is a mind-influencing effect.

Leader of the Hunt (Ex): A Leader of the Hunt can move within his Wild Hunt at a speed of 150 and communicates with his Wild Hunt telepathically at any distance and even across planes. He also gains total concealment from foes outside the swarm or farther than 10 feet away while within it. If the Leader of the Hunt is killed, its Wild Hunt is also destroyed within 1d12 rounds unless it is controlled (either by an evil cleric with a successful rebuke, or by another Leader of the Hunt, or by a new Leader of the Hunt rising from a recently drained creature). A newly risen Leader of the Hunt will retreat with his Wild Hunt to prepare before hunting down the killers of the previous Leader. A Leader of the Hunt must be at least one size category smaller than its Wild Hunt.

Planar Tracking: A Leader of the Hunt may spend ten minutes to planeshift himself and his Hunt to any other plane. If a Leader of the Hunt and his Hunt are ever separated accross the planes, the Leader can use this ability to planeshift to his Hunt, but he cannot planeshift the Hunt to himself in this manner.

Turn Resistance (Su): A Leader of the Hunt adds 8 to his hit dice to determine if he is affected by a cleric or paladin's turn or rebuke undead ability. A successfully rebuked Lord of the Hunt will control his Hunt to serve his new master. The Wild Hunt accompanying the Lord of the Hunt does not count against the total HD of undead a caster can control (as it is not controlled by the caster).

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