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Dweomercræft [Epic Metamagic]

Some mages have come to a unique understanding of metamagical processes, rendering them capable of effortlessly altering their spells.
Prerequisite: Intelligence 27, Any Six Metamagic Feats, Improved Metamagic
Benefit: The spell slot modifier of all the character’s metamagic feats is reduced by one level, to a minimum of +0. This feat can never reduce a spell below its actual level (for example, an extended Tongues still requires a third-level spell slot to cast).
Normal: Spells modified by metamagic usually have their spell-slot requirement increased. This increase cannot normally be avoided, even with Improved Metamagic.
Special: Variables dependent upon spell level other than the spell slot used to cast the spell are not effected by this feat. For example, a Hold Person spell heightened to fourth level still affects its target as if it were fourth level, but requires only a second-level spell slot. Additionally, a character who takes this feat can no longer take Improved Metamagic.

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