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Phoenix of Chaos[edit]

Phoenix of Chaos is the creator of the homebrew Gardevoir and Gallade race. It is possible to request him for other races based on pokémon, assuming that the requested pokémon is: (A) A final-stage evolution, (B) NOT a legendary.

He has also made the Zora Mask equipment item, and is planning to produce a Goron Mask in the same style. He has no plans for the Deku Mask.

In addition, he has made the Hawk Dragon creature, based off Dragon Kazooie from Banjo Tooie.

List of Made's[edit]

This is kept up-to-date more often than the above.


Gallade (Deleted)

Zora Mask

Hawk Dragon

Improved Water Elemental Bloodline

Arceus (Deity)

Magic Immunity (Trait)

Ocarina of Time

Elemental Summoner

Succubus Race

Narcissistic (Flaw)

Rainbow Fur (Deleted)

Rainbow Hair (Deleted)



Arcane Palm

Living Balloon template

Magical Resistance, Variant

About Me[edit]

As you might have established, I only recently started Dungeons And Dragons, but I've been into electronic RPGs for a while - to be precise, pokémon. As of currently, I have all five generations. Pokémon is my main, but I also know Banjo-Kazooie (the first two games), the Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, and quite a bit more Nintendo-based stuff. However, I've already made quite a bit of stuff, including a mask that utterly confused the local DM as whether or not to allow. I hope he does, as I rather like it - then again, I'm quite biased on that matter.

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