Magical Resistance, Variant (3.5e Feat)

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Magical Resistance, Variant [General]

You have been struck so much by magic that you have developed a resistance to it.
Prerequisite: Must have been negatively affected by at least three spells of the chosen school/subschool/descriptor.
Benefit: Any negative affect caused by the spell school or subschool in question is reduced. If a subschool or descriptor is selected, the negative effects are reduced by 50%. If a school is selected, it is instead reduced by 25%.
Normal: The spell affects you as normal.
Special: This feat cannot stack with itself directly; however, spells that have multiple subschools will be reduced multiple times should the appropriate feats be selected. The effect is compound - as an example, if a spell has both Charm and Compulsion subschools, the negative effects are reduced to 25% of normal (100% halved to 50%, which is then halved to 25%).

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