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Hello, Fellow Adventurers![edit]

I'm kinda new around here, but I'm starting to get a feel for things.

I've made a few things, just 'cause it's fun to do, and I like to think I do a good job of it (though who am I kidding, I know I suck at this). Also, as I have just demonstrated, I am fully aware of how much I suck. No need to remind me, just kindly tell me what you think the problem is with whatever I've created. I would also like to say that I would prefer if you ask or suggest a change to me rather than just change it yourself. Thank you.

So yeah, the stuff I've made is below (in order of creation).

Mundane Weapons[edit]

Killling Edge (5e Equipment) (Not sure how I managed to misspell that... or how to fix it... hmm.)

Horn Knife (5e Equipment)

Rifle Cane (5e Equipment)

Magic Weapons[edit]

Ludwig's Holy Blade (5e Equipment)

Blade of Levistus (5e Equipment)

Sentient Items[edit]

Celaena (5e Equipment)

Olivia (5e Equipment)

Chloe (5e Equipment)

Syrune (5e Equipment)

Andraste (5e Equipment)

So yeah.[edit]

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