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Hiya, I'm Meep!

I have recently devoted myself to learning absolutely everything about dnd 5e.. and so far I have a pretty good knowledge base but it's a WIP. As such, I am very comfortable working and reworking anything within that version and I do so on a regular frequency. I follow the recent changes to all 5e Feats and 5e Spells quite closely, so you will see Meep popping up their quite often.

Eventually I will make work through all the existing ones just looking (occasionally adjusting) but that's a mighty steep challenge. I have noticed that there are many overlapping feats and would also like to make them unique or condense them.

Lot's more to come but I hate words about myself

Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I award you this barnstar for your work on some infrastructure pages. You created a work-around on 5e Races that greatly improves the loading time, organized 5e Monsters layouts, and separated out incomplete spells from the lists. Great improvements! --Green Dragon (talk) 11:45, 25 February 2018 (MST)

Biggest project so far has been the 5e Races Page
I'm still working on my first race CoreKin (5e Race)
I need to come up with something elegant for 5e Feats
and I just keep checking new submissions to 5e Spells



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