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About Me[edit]

Hello! Thanks for reading this -3-. I am a highschooler, born in 2004 and adopted by an American family from China in 2007 (right on Halloween!). I become a D&D Wiki user on November 9, 2018. I'm not super active in creating homebrew content of my own, but I have made a few (listed in Contributions below), and most of my other contributions are just some clean up chores after other, less effective users -3-.

I am an active user on Scratch, a simple, kid-friendly coding website that has a large community. My username is Hi_I_am_Alex (but of course, my real name is not Alex LOL). My other hobbies include manga, anime, reading, and video games (io games, PS4, WiiU, 3DS).

Not sure why anyone would want to contact me, but it'll either be through my talk page in which I'll respond within a few days, or through the official Discord server, my username is also Cosmos on there. There, though, I'm lagging behind on a lot, and is not going to be a very good place to get in contact with me, so use my talk page.

I specialize in 5e, it's what I started with, and I am trying to learn 3.5e but it's kinda slow for me...


What I am Working On[edit]



Stuff here is mostly stuff I created, or contributed a lot on. If, for some reason, you want to see my minor edits and cleanup contributions, just take a look at my contributions page!

  • Subraces:
  • Race Variants:
  • Subclasses:
  • Variant Class Features:
  • Special Classes:
  • Equipment:
  • Mundane Equipment:
  • Magic Items:
  • NPCs:


Thanks to Geodude671 for the setup of the user page! (Actually, I just literally copied his user page into mine, and made changes to it to fit for me.

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