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"I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unaware of beginning,
Nor aware of the end.
Withstood pain with inconsistent weapons, my hands will never hold anything.
Yet, my flame never ends.
My whole body was still Unlimited Blade Works." - Shiro Emiya.
Spell slot level Result
Cantrip Copy : - You quickly make a copy of any weapon of choice within eyesight, it will still retaining it's magical nature, the copy only lasts for 1d4 hits before shattering and disappearing.
1st spell level: Kanshou and Bakuya- you summon two short swords that deal 2d4 damage on a hit but break directly after they can also be used to shield the user from a small amount of damage 1d8 and will break upon doing doing so.
4th spell level: you can’t save yourself nor others- you gain 3d8 temporary hit points and advantage for your next attack roll but lose 6 to your ac for 4 minutes
5th spell level: Rho Aias : - Call fourth a large and powerful shield that will block all incoming damage the shield acts as your armor class if the attack hits your armor class you take no damage and the shield breaks if it goes over your armor class the shield breaks and you take half of the damage
6th spell level: Trace : - You can reinforce and strengthen any weapon you are holding. Tracing a copy makes it temporarily stronger than their original dealing and added 2d2 of damage.
8th spell level: Nameless Archer's Bow : - Call fourth a bow that shoots an ethereal copy of the last sword you used the Cantrip "Copy" that deals 4d10 force damage the target must then make a strength saving throw if failed the take a additional 1d10 damage
9th spell level: Unlimited Blade Works : - You open up a pocket dimension dragging all combatants in a 120ft radius inside of it in this space any spell you cast does not use up a spell slot additionally any weapon you have made via copy in the past will also be in that space for use UBW can only be used once per session. The weapons can also be controlled psychically.

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