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Building Characters

After you choose your character's race and class, the next step is to add the various details that make him unique. A character's skills, feats, alignment, and other factors help differentiate him from others who share his race and/or class, while simultaneously defining his place in the world.

This section includes variant rules that can be added to your game's skill and feat systems. Some, such as the complex skill check variant, have relatively minor impacts on how the game works. Others, such as the alternative skill system, can dramatically change significant elements of the game. As with any variant, consider carefully before adding any of these to your game. Unlike variant races or classes - which generally only affect those who choose to play such characters - these changes affect every character in your game. For that reason, the DM should include his players in any decision-making process about these variants. Make sure that everyone is at least willing to try out the new rules before making a radical change to the way your game works. Doing so not only makes your players feel more involved in the campaign, but also helps prevent hurt feelings down the road.

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