Type-52 Mauler (Halo Supplement)

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Type-52 Mauler

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Type-52 Mauler Uncommon 2d6 piercing 10 lbs. Ammunition (range 20/80), reload (5 shots), light, special

A favorite of Jiralhanae forces since the species' planet-wide civil war, this hand-held shotgun has seen almost no alteration in its over 100 years of service. Each pull of the trigger fires a blast of superheated 7.9mm metal bolts.

Large Spread. Targets within 10 feet take twice as much damage.

Recoil. If the user has a Strength of 16 or lower, attack rolls with this weapon while it is being wielded in one hand have disadvantage.

Short Barrel. This weapon does not have disadvantage when used within 5 ft. of the target.

Bladed. This weapon can be used as a machete.

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An M90, [source].
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